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Ilana Rahaman
Las Vegas, Nevada
Recently graduated from film school in Las Vegas, NV. Produced, directed, and shot many films in my time in school, many of which have been nominated for and won student emmy's. Covid compliant and trained with current safety protocols to ensure a smooth shoot. Very interested and have a…
Electric Pictures Telecine
Lake Forest, California
SUPER 8, REGULAR8, 16 and 35MM FILM TRANSFER using our THOMSON/DFT SPIRIT HIGH DEFINITION TELECINES. Our SPIRIT Telecines are equipped for Super8, R8, 16MM, Super16, 35MM, and Super35mm film transfers. We transfer optical and magnetic sound prints, as well as original camera negative in 16 and…
David Barak
San Diego, California
I have worked in various positionson feature films, short films and a television show. Although I'm just now working to build a career in film, I've been working on the periphery for quite awhile, so I'm familiar with working on-set and with filmmaking technology. I own a fair amount of tungsten…
Joseph Cole
Seattle, Washington
With over ten years in entertainment and media production, and credits that range from the Discovery networks to Independent Feature Films, I have a well rounded skill set and a full knowledge of integrated media production. I am excited to work in a vibrant industry with creative and passionate…
John Sheeren
Houston, Texas
I have been in the Motion Picture Industry Camera Department since 1981. With 30+ years as a 1st AC, 15+ years as a DP/Operator. Skilled at fluid head, geared head, remote head Operating and hand-held. To view my Long-form credits, please go to http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0790707/. I can be…
Dustin LeBoeuf
Los Angeles, California
Very knowledgeable in all aspects of cinematography and camera. Enthusiastic and ok with long hours. Experienced as 1st AC/2nd AC and Director of Photography.
Zachary Stephens
Decatur, Georgia
Making a movie can be as amazing an experience as watching one, and a safe and welcoming set enables everyone the opportunity, especially actors, to do their best work. I love making films, I love watching films, and I insist on working with people who love what they do.
Monterrey, Mexico based cinematographer and camera assistant. I have worked in my city's film industry since 2015 in the camera department giving me valuable on set experience and insight. I am a very active listener and like to pay attention to what everyone on the creative and technical team is…
Ryan Verbel
Los Angeles, California
My work is highly narrative in nature. Above all else I like my cinematography to help tell the story being told. I adapt my approach and style based upon the material. http://www.martonemgmt.com/ryan-verbel/
Jack Khorram
Orlando, Florida
Cinematographer/Camera Operator with experience using: 16mm and 35mm ARRI products, Alexa, F65, Epic, 5D. Bachelors degree in film science from Full Sail University. Freelance working for 4 years in Florida shooting documentaries, music videos, shorts, concerts, weddings, etc. Ambitious and easy to…
Jessica Lee Star
Brooklyn, New York
http://jessicaleestar.tumblr.com NYC based Videographer, Photographer, and Video Editor. I have experience in many forms of video and film production, but my favorite by far is Fashion related work. I studied Film Production and Studio Art at School Of Visual Arts and at Hunter College.
Producers Library
North Hollywood, California
Founded in 1957, Producers Library is the oldest and largest continuously operating independent stock footage house in the United States. Our footage library contains locations shots from around the world, outtakes from feature films, newsreels, and classic film trailers, with a special focus in…
Ryan Sidney
Los Angeles, California
Camera Assistant, Film editor, and Producer. Eager and ambitious, firmly fixed on joining the film industry in any aspect. I will give 110% no matter what. My extremely persistent, social, and positive personality will prove helpful in a field where networking is crucial. I am looking to plant…
Royce Allen Dudley
Hollywood, California
I am a cinematographer of 40+ indie feature films, 2 TV series, corporate & infomercials. I am also a seasoned director / producer, based in both Southern & Northern California. I specialize in fast paced, small - medium size shoots & tend to operate "A" camera while DP'ing multi-cam, & usually…
Peter Lewis
Seattle, Washington
Experience as a PA, grip, AC, general crew member, etc on many Reality TV shows, documentaries, commercials/branded content and corporate videos. Skills: lighting, equipment set up, AC work, managing lenses, battery charge stations, DIT work on Shotput, lunches, crafty, releases, driving,…
Toronto, Ontario
VERVE IMAGE is a Toronto based Content Creator of Film/Video Production & Photography. Located in the heart of the St.Lawrence Market area of Toronto, we push ourselves to create the Highest Quality of Visual Work on Time, at all Budgets levels. http://www.verveimage.com
Mariano De Luca
Los Angeles, California
DP - Cinematographer, right after film school started my career as an electrician, and then learning from different positions like gaffer, 2nd AC, Loader, Focus Puller and Camera Operator. After several years of experience I made the jump to Director of Photography mostly shooting Commercials and…
John Leeves
Los Angeles, California
Graduated from Canterbury Christ Church University in the UK with a First Class Honors BA in Film, Radio and Television. English native, permanent resident of the US. Wrote, produced and directed several short films on 16mm/HDV, won the final year Award for Best Directing 16mm through short film…
Will Mayo
Brooklyn, New York
I'm a filmmaker based in Brooklyn. As a writer/director, my experimental films have been featured on popular online blogs like io9, Kotaku Japan, The Curious Brain, Bloody-Disgusting, and FilmShortage. As a director of photography, I've shot numerous short films in the U.S. and abroad, and an…
Christopher Lange
Los Angeles, California
I am a DP with a strength in image creation, in exploring both traditional and experimental visual techniques to fully interact with story, character, theme, and mood. Experienced in film and digital cinema formats from Sony, Canon, Panasonic, Red, and Arri; documentary, short and feature…
Viola Kanka Malaspina
Darmstadt, Germany
After realizing that the cinema was responsible for brainwashing so many people, I decided to use my degree in the Direction of Photography in another way: Documenting the world and participating in projects that want to open people's eyes and tell stories that normally remain hidden. I left my…
Johnny Derango
Los Angeles, California
Johnny Derango - Director of Photography, *ICG For nearly 20 years, Johnny Derango has established himself as a talented, respected and sought-after cinematographer. In his many endeavors as a director of photography, as well as a producer, Johnny strives to tell each story truthfully, with…
Action Video Service
Richardson, Texas
Action Video Service, located in Richardson, Texas and serving the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, offers video tape, DVD and CD-Rom duplication, as well as video to DVD or CD transfers, photo to video slideshow presentations, home movie film transfer and conversion of PAL and Secam format foreign VHS…
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