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Phoenix, Arizona
Welcome to AVProNet.com, your home for professional and consumer audio, video and presentation equipment. We''ve been in the A/V business for over 45 years and are happy to present our experience and support to our Internet customers. We offer a fully trained support staff to help you with all your…
Levi Davis
Phoenix, Arizona
Independent contractor w/ multiple credits for production & post-production. Qualified for PA / Grip / Cam Assist on large productions. Own and operate a production & post-production small business.
James Thomas
Phoenix, Arizona
Has nearly 10 years experience in the industry both in front and behind the camera. Behind the camera I have worked such positions as editor, writer, videographer/cinematographer, and PA. In front I have done extra work as well as leads in tv and independent film. Has earned a BA in Digital…
Jack Schwitz
Phoenix, Arizona
I consider myself a displaced New Yorker living in the Sonoran Desert that specializes in video production.  I'm a DP or camera owner / operator,  But I am also a competent editor and can coordinate any pre-production needs as well. So, I took all that experience and knowledge and formed an LLC to…
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