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Yuki Ogino-Baerlocher
Saitama, Japan
Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. Ate age of 15 she moved to California, studied still photography and cinematography. After graduating film school she started working a producer on her own TV segment for Tokyo MX TV, John Lennon Museum commercial, and worked with live music events. After coming…
Virgin Earth Inc
Shibuya, Japan
virgin earth team has been working together as a production unit for more than 30 years, and very experienced filming in Japan. Also, proud to present the Aoyama Earth Studio, state-of-the-art studio space in the heart of Tokyo to produce high-quality audio and video projects for clients.
Japan Video Support
Tokyo, Japan
Video crews and video production services in Tokyo, Japan. Working with foreign production coming to Japan. Native English speaking/bilingual crews. Corporate, broadcast, television, documentary, news, sports, etc. We can bridge the cultural and language gap, making your video production in…
ANON Entertainment
Osaka, Japan
Your G20 full production resource, ANON Entertainment. From camera/audio to translation & guidance, we've got you covered. Got a last-minute production broadcast need for the G20 in Osaka? ANON Entertainment can help. From camera/audio to translation & guidance, we've got you covered. …
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