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Patrice Phillips
Clearwater, Florida
I am looking for a production assistant job
Dwight L. Jeridore
Clearwater, Florida
I'm a student filmmaker currently in forth year operating online, and currently seeking hands-on work in the field. I am a established (A) grade in screenwriting, film editing, acting, directing, and have hands-on experience as a prior production assistant who have worked behind the scenes of films…
Julie Svet
Clearwater, Florida
Film set p.a.,wardrobe assistant,buyer,experienced with CBS, MTV. Also fashion shows, events, concerts.
Joshua Avery
Clearwater, Florida
For the last 5 years I've been the owner operator of a wellness spa in Minneapolis. My career in film began in 2006 when I was hired as the assistant stunt co-ordinator for a fantasy/martial arts film. In addition I assisted with set dressing, props and special effects. Since then I have written,…
Ami Fazchas
Clearwater, Florida
o Non-Union o Height: 5ā€™8ā€ o Weight: 275 o Eyes: Blue o Hair: Blonde o Voice Class: Mezzo-Soprano FILM Street Lights Supporting/Brandy Dalberiste Productions I Did It For You Principal/Jessica Brandon Smithson Films The Punisher …
Diane Merlino
Clearwater, Florida
I am a former socil services worker, recently retired. who is now totally bored and looking for exciting, diverse work to do in a long term temp position I have skills in business, customer service, art, sculpting, ceramics and some wordworking and soldering experience.
Shayla Keller
Clearwater, Florida
I am a 23 year old graduate from the University of South Florida where I earned my Bachelor's degree in Telecommunications (TV Production) and am a member of Phi Sigma Theta's National Honors Society. I currently live in Clearwater, Florida but am willing to relocate where ever I am able to find…
Tiffany Butler
Clearwater, Florida
I am currently working as an Assistant Director. My ultimate goal is to do travel and cultural documentaries.
Jordan Gilbert
Clearwater, Florida
Experienced Production Assistant/Videographer/Editor for TV/Film, and full time work living in Florida and willing to relocate.
Benjamin Johnson
Clearwater, Florida
I'm an experienced storyteller who's journey for knowledge and desire to grow, gives me an advantage over most of my peers. Iā€™m seeking an opportunity to showcase my video and film production skills that will utilize my creativity and drive.
CineView Studios
Seminole, Florida
727-301-3001 - CineView Studios is a full service video production and photography company servicing all of Florida. We are a 3 person team with multiple regional festival wins for our narrative work and our photography has been published both nationally and internationally. Whether you are looking…
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