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Jenny Wang
Concord, California
I am a recent college grad highly interested in obtaining a position within the film industry. I am open to any opportunities to gain experience. I am also more than happy to relocate for the position. Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, marketing/advertising,…
Asia Nixon
Concord, California
• Multinational Business Operations Bachelor of Science Graduate from Florida State University • Entertainment Business Master of Science Graduate from Full Sail University • 5+ Years of Administrative and Production Assistant Experience in Entertainment and Media Industries • 10+ years of…
Stephanie Gullette
Concord, North Carolina
I graduated from The Connecticut School of Broadcasting in March 2012. I have a degree in Media Broadcasting and the field of communications and media operations. My dream is to be a TV/Film Producer/Video Editor. I have had bad experiences just like everybody else but it just made me strive even…
Anthony Perales
Concord, California
I’m a freelance Camera Op / Production Assistant based in San Francisco Bay Area. Experienced with a variety of equipment, including PTZ cameras for live productions.
Kelsey Crook
Concord, North Carolina
Graduated in May 2012 from UNCG with a degree in Media Studies with a concentration in TV and Film Production. Over the past few years I have been very busy working in live scripted productions at WBTV and working college sporting events as well as with the MiLB here in Charlotte. During the…
Brittany Debelis
Merrimack, New Hampshire
US Navy vet and filmmaker who wants to be there for the team on set. Need coffee for the crew? That's me. Need a Leatherman and a hammer? Got it. Need the sun to come out for that perfect shot? I'm on it. I'll make it happen. Anything to be part of the film crew and learn all I can in the process.…
Wesley Scanlon
Boston, Massachusetts
Aloha! I'm Wesley, a compelling mid-twenties live-wire from Hawaii, sunburns and all--and I have worked through Hawaii, LA, New York, New Jersey & Las Vegas while getting my degree…& survived it. With a BA in Creative Media and Film Production. How? I simply cannot stop adding value to…
Tevya Desiderio
Lowell, Massachusetts
Honest and hard working with the ability to think quickly on my feet as well as balance multiple tasks efficiently. All ways exercising professionalism, very resourceful and passionate about the filmmaking process.
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