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Brent Bennett
Arcadia, California
Biology major and video creator I live at the intersection of art and science. Proficient in Final Cut Pro and Adobe suite I created promotional videos for my College.
Sed Lanas
Arcadia, California
I am a local to LA and I have been freelancing as an AC/Operator for over five years. I love being on set and I'll work hard to make your job easier.
Elizabeth Meredith
Los Angeles, California
I am a Costume Designer in the The Costume Designers Guild. I have been A Wardrobe Stylist and Designer for over 13 years. I do Film, TV, Commercials and Celebrities. I have worked on Period Films, Reality TV, Competition Shows, Scripted and so on and do current day and High Fashion. I have worked…
Neil Maciejewski
Los Angeles, California
I am a camera and gimbal/steadicam Operator based in Los Angeles. My kit includes a Steadicam, Movi Pro, Ronin 2, set of 1a Alpha Wheels, Segway and a Ready Rig. I also have experience with remote heads and tracking vehicles. Some of my recent work which can be seen on my page, which includes…
Patrick McConnaughey
Spartanburg, South Carolina
I'm a full-time production freelancer specializing in sports, but I am also experienced in live show & conference style events. I am primarily a camera operator, but I am also proficient as a Director/TD(Ross Carbonite, ATEM & Tricaster switches), Replay (3Play & Dreamcatcher Level 2 Certified Op)…
Kelly Hansen
West Hollywood, California
10 years of film set experience in large budget productions. Willing to be a camera PA, digital utility, or shoot your project with my own gear. BS in Computer Science. Hardworking, reliable, and smart.
Marley Maitland
North Hollywood, California
I am a Director of Photography based in Los Angeles, I always strive to create a more compelling image to tell the story I am presented and I will do my very best to achieve the results that the director envisions.
Jaime Torres
Panorama City, California
I am a award winning director and cinematographer, who strongly values strong commitment to a project, building quality among production. I had received recognition for my work, including winning Best Cinematographer and best director for Mojave Shadows, Tell, Anguish and Open mic. I had…
Andrea Palaia
Dallas, Texas
Hi! I'm Andrea and I'm a commercial and narrative music video, documentary, and film Director of Photography in Dallas, TX. The Home Sweet Home music video I shot and edited has been featured at local and international film festivals and won awards for Music Video Original at the 2018 Music Video…
Kristin Galla
Burbank, California
​I am a photographer and videographer with six years of experience, currently based in Los Angeles, California. I've worked on many projects, including wedding videos, short films and an award-winning documentary. I am also an event and portrait photographer. I love collaborating with clients to…
Watson Isbell
Los Angeles, California
I am a Los Angeles based freelance videographer with experience working on projects narrative, documentary, and commercial as a DP, camera operator, and grip. I have worked with companies to create a variety of marketing and commercial content that has been published on television, the internet,…
AbelCine / LA
Burbank, California
AbelCine is an industry leader in the sales, rental, service and training of new acquisition tools for film, digital cinema, high-speed, 3D, broadcast, new media and communication. We serve professionals and serious content creators working at all levels of production. At AbelCine, we grew…
LeAna Mcknight
Los Angeles, California
World profound hair artist - LeAna Mcknight specialize in clean and natural flowing looks, textured hair, and wig styling for TV, print, advertising, video, commercial and celebrities. Located in Los Angeles but willing to travel, Mcknight's impeccable talent and passion for beauty has landed her…
Winston Tyau
Bellflower, California
Origin, born in Pasadena, CA-History, moved to Oahu, grew up in the Polynesian islands, learned Mandarin Chinese and spent time in Taiwan. Worked for Les Summerall's affiliate station in Hawaii KWTV in master control and as a cameraman too. Professional film photographer wedding, various…
Jonathan Miller
Los Angeles, California
Hello! My name is Jonathan, and I am a 1st AC/Focus Puller located in the Los Angeles area. I am experienced as both a First and a Second, and I have also worked in a camera rental house in Hollywood for a number of years. I am very detail-oriented— I care very much about every aspect of my job, be…
Sekhar D
Los Angeles, California
I have written, produced, edited and directed few short films. My one of the Short Film "Fake"(16 min) which was screened in UCLA Theatre. I am also an Actor. Interested in making Commercials and Films. Currently working on my film scripts and concepts. 6+ years of Film making…
Brandon Kobs
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
I'm a filmmaker based in Oklahoma City, working primarily in the production department from top to bottom. I've made my way through the advertising world here in the Southwest, and am now completely focused on film production. I own a studio in Midtown, Oklahoma City – where my partners and…
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