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David Plummer
Glendale, California
With over 7 years of experience in film and advertising I've narrowed my primary career focus to pursuing jobs in the camera department. Since moving to Los Angeles from Arkansas several years ago, I've gained valuable experience as a 1st/2nd AC as well as Camera Operator. I own a good amount of…
Chechel Joson
Glendale, California
I have been in the fashion and entertainment industry for quite some time now. I am a very skilled and experienced makeup artist. I've done it all. Fashion shows, editorials, beauty campaigns, fashion campaigns, magazine covers, music videos, indie movies, tvcs, talk shows, reality shows, kids…
Coleman Smith
Glendale, California
I am a hard working 19 year old who lives and breaths production work. Although I am young, I have schooling as well as experience working on sets for Dell, CBS, Spike TV, Wells Fargo and many more! I am open to doing any form of production work you are looking for whether its being a PA, Camera…
Joao Pastorello
Glendale, California
hello, my name is guto pastorello, I’m 30 years old, and i’ve been producing,editing,shooting and hosting my own web and tv show since 2004. I lived in Massachusetts for 12 years and I just moved to LA 3 months ago. I’ve been a boom operator and camera man in 2 movies ( 1 short,1…
Joshua Bonner
Universal City, California
Director of Photography Experience shooting Music videos, Pilots, short films, reality, sports broadcast, narrative, and Op-Docs Steadicams\Ronin\Glidecams Great at anticipating needs of producers/directors, and ensuring successful execution of all productions. Relied on by directors,…
Jaclyn Acebo
Glendale, California
At a very young age, I discovered a passion for art and filmmaking. Around age five, I started making home movies with my cousins that involved news cast and TV show parodies, as well as stop-motion animation shorts. Since then, I continue to make my own short films for school, for the Children’s…
Elizabeth Meredith
Los Angeles, California
I am a Costume Designer in the The Costume Designers Guild. I have been A Wardrobe Stylist and Designer for over 13 years. I do Film, TV, Commercials and Celebrities. I have worked on Period Films, 1800's, 1920, 1950,1960,1970, and so on and do current day and High Fashion. I am excellent with…
Sean Murphy
Glendale, California
I primarily work as an Editor. I will cut anything from Television to Film. I have even worked a great deal on post solutions for Web Video. Currently I am available to assist in any phase of your post solution and I am interested in making the segue to Camera Assistant.
Gary Ostrander
Glendale, California
I’m a film maker, based in Los Angeles, California; specializing in camera work and editing. I’m an experienced jib and steadi-cam operator as well as editor and director. I love collaborating with other film makers, the result is always a product far more innovative than originally…
Nickolas Gilbert
Glendale, California
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