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Chris Swoboda
Snohomish, Washington
I'm a specialty camera operator and FAA licensed and insured drone pilot. I'm an expert in the Freefly gimbal/drone ecosystem and frequently act as a consultant for productions using unique camera movement systems. I own all of my equipment and love to travel with it! If you are looking for a…
Justin Michael Ladd
Seattle, Washington
Looking to create somthing magical? We all have great ideas how to make the world a better place and it takes the right team to create a powerful moment with your audience. Let's tell stories that people want to hear and make meaningful impact in their life. Justin
Freeride Entertainment
Seattle, Washington
“We’re comfortable, where others aren’t” Sometimes to create the unforgettable, you have to be undefinable. Freeride Entertainment is a content studio built to blur the lines between advertising and entertainment. Igniting connections between brands and people. Freeride has a 20 year history of…
Jasper Newton
Seattle, Washington
Commercial / Documentary / Action Sports FS7 Operator specializing in movement with gimbal. Love to travel for work. Owner of: -Red Gemini -FS7 -DJI Ronin Gimbal -4K drone
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