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Jamin Conn
Atlanta, Georgia
Internationally Acclaimed DP working in the camera department since 2001. Narrative ,Commercial, Episodic... clients of the likes of Alaska Airlines, Cisco, Audi, Target, and Asics, wallstreet Journal. In years past, the industry has brought Jamin into the industry of Episodic production with…
Ben McLeod
Atlanta, Georgia
Local 600. Camera Assistant in the Atlanta area. I have experience in feature films, commercials, music videos, and short films. I am up to date with the latest technologies in digital filmmaking. I am fluent with ArriMini, Arricam ST, Arricam LT, Arriflex 435, Arriflex 35-3, ARRI SR-3, RED,…
Michael Overstreet
Atlanta, Georgia
I'm a very dilligent hard working PA who is more than willing to get in the trenches and learn. I studied broadcasting and cinematic arts in undergrad. I also obtained my Masters in Entertainment Management in 2010. My end goal is to be a director/producer. 2012 is going to be my year I have no…
George Zelasko
Marietta, Georgia
Digital Utility in Local 600. In depth prep experience with ARRI Alexa, Panavision Film and Digital cameras, RED Epic/Scarlet/One, Sony F55/F35/F23/F3, Canon 5DMKII, 7D, 60D. Also familiar with loading film of ARRI, Panavision, and Movicam cameras. Very organized, direct, holds a sense of urgency.…
Kelley Hood
Atlanta, Georgia
I am a graduate of The University of Alabama's College of Communications with a focus in Media Production under Telecommunications and Film. I have been trained in commercial production, television production, and post-production based on non-linear editing. I am a competent editor and have…
Steve Carley
Atlanta, Georgia
Freelance Production/Camera Assistant looking to expand the skillset to match any size production and guarantee only the best and most creative results EXPERIENCE 2015 Who Do You Think You Are? (Reality) | Driver PA | Canon C300 | Forest Productions The Haunting Of (Reality) | Camera…
Ty Adams
Atlanta, Georgia
Available immediately for freelance production assistant opportunities;Certification as Production Assistant; Atlanta Georgia
Michael Lindsey
Atlanta, Georgia
I am a Director/DP and editor with over 6 years of experience from pre-production through post. Repeatedly, I have worked with local businesses and musicians through to The Motion Picture Association of America, BET, and Kellog's to film and conceive of engaging event videos, branding content,…
John Paul Van Wert
Atlanta, Georgia
JP is a freelance photographer, 2nd AC, and photo assistant. JP graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Advertising and has been working in the industry since mid-2017. JP's gifted eye will benefit any film/tv/photography production and his work ethic makes him a huge asset in a…
Karisa Olds
Atlanta, Georgia
Karisa Olds is an award winning multimedia journalist from Florida.
Kyler Dennis
Norcross, Georgia
Freelance camera operator, director, editor
Steve Woronko
Decatur, Georgia
Experienced AC(1st or 2nd)/Data Manager/Digital Utility whose main goal is make the production run as smooth as possible. Experienced in features,reality,music videos and more. Willing to travel.
Adrienne Bugbee
Atlanta, Georgia
I am an independent filmmaker currently seeking work in and around Atlanta, Georgia. I specialize in editing, but am also trained, experienced, and interested in the following positions: Creative Producer, Script Supervisor, 2nd Camera Assistant, Production Designer, Boom Operator, and Location…
Joshua Johnson
Atlanta, Georgia
DIT/Media Manager/Digital Media specialist with a background in Database Managment.
Miguel Ramos
Atlanta, Georgia
I'm a hardworking, motivated, team player that tends to always looks on the bright side of a situation and motivate my crew members to keep moving in good spirits. Being on set is where I'm meant to be and where I'm most comfortable. I'm not afraid to take a leadership role when called on…
Nicole Melius
Atlanta, Georgia
In May I will be graduating from the University of Georgia with a bachelor's degree in Mass Media Arts with a focus on camera work. My goal is to become more immersed in the film industry through work on set as a production assistant/camera PA or full time in a video production office. I have…
Jennifer Marie Bird
Atlanta, Georgia
I am a camera operator, assistant camera person, and video editor. From supporting roles on larger productions to key positions on smaller ones, I am a hard worker that adapts quickly and easily to changing situations. I always strive to maintain a positive work environment and am willing to work…
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