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Remolacha Films
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Remolacha Films is an independent motion picture company based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We love it all: from commercials that cheat on people and meaningless expensive movies with fights and unjustified explosions, to slow and snob boring indie films. Yes, we get along with everyone.
Buenos Aires, Argentina
We are a company dedicated to providing sound services for all types of media. Production, sound design, recording, mixing, mastering, dubbing... any project in which there is sound, we work on it. We have our own recording studios equipped with the best technology and infrastructure to provide…
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mondo is an audiovisual production company which has its business areas divided into MondoCine, MondoPhoto and CombustionPost. MondoCine produces advertising spots and specializes in production services for the foreign market, also represents major international talents for the latin market. …
INDIGO Music Design
Miami, Argentina
INDIGO is a Music and Sound Design studio with offices located in MIAMI and BUENOS AIRES. As music designers, we believe that the art and craft of song telling is central to building, maintaining and strength the bonds between consumers and brands. That's why our fantastic teat of composers,…
Andrea Galante Arnulphi
Mendoza, Argentina
I'm a freelance video editor with more than 4 years experience in a variety of audiovisual works, including TV programs, commercials, music videos, music shows, motion graphics, promo videos, event videos, and narrative and documentary films. I've been working in edition, direction, assistant…
Daniel Calvo
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hello I'm Daniel Calvo, owner of ALDEA, a small but powerful POST studio located in ARGENTINA. In Aldea we provide POST PRODUCTION SERVICES Included but not limited to: VFX, COMPOSITING, COLOR GRADING. and MOTION GRAPHICS, and we have lot of experience in collaborative cloud based…
Bipolar Cine
Buenos Aires, Argentina
We have more than 20 years experience in production services and direction od featured films and commercials. We can offer quotizations in argentina, uruguay, colombia and ecuador.
Fisgono FX & Animations
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Fisgono FX & Animations is a young company located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, specialized in 3D animation for advertising and commercials. We have been producing short films for several years, with which we have received many prices and recognitions around the globe, but now we feel it is time for…
Bosco & Jojo Directors
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hello my name is Bosco. Hi I am Jojo and we are the first duo of Argentine filmmakers who made school between the filmmakers of today. We started as Art Directors, worked for Wong Kar-wai and made "Happy Together". We've worked a lot in Argentina, Europe and in the United States. Some of…
Voodoo Estudio
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Digital Cinema & Photo Production
Phantomas Studio Creative Factory
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Advertisement & Campaign Development VFX & Motion Graphics 3D & 2D animation TV Commercials production and postproduction Film postproduction Web design Graphic Design SEO Production Services Corporate video
Banana Films
Buenos Aires, Argentina
We are a commercial production company based in Argentina and Costa Rica with 15 years of experience. Are you familiar with the concept of sustainable development? To grow, but without destroying; to move forward, but in harmony –that is the essence of Banana Films. We believe in people, in each…
Indie Oven
Buenos Aires, Argentina
We are a team of curious people who love making videos, and because of that Indie Oven was born as a creatively driven production company mixing our expertise with short films, ads, and theater. Over the past years, we have learned from individuals, small and large business from different…
American Television Agency
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Full service television, video and film production company with a coverage area around Latin America. Broadcast facilities and operational support for upcoming or breaking news events, sports, documentaries, commercials, music videos, films and corporate videos. ATA provides Production, Editing &…
Altana Films
Buenos Aires, Argentina
No description
Leandro Ekman
Buenos Aires, Argentina
International Executive Producer
Buenos Aires, Argentina
We are a postproduction house. Mafangulo specializes in commercial production and TV commercials. Please check out our website!
Yum Yum Videos
Buenos Aires, Argentina
We make Animated Explainer Videos and all types of video content that your business needs to Attract, Convert and Close more deals. From Explainer Videos and Commercial ads to Testimonial videos: One Video Sales Funnel to rule them all!
The New Expanded Placenta
Monte Grande, Argentina
We breed the symbiosis of image and sound, by providing creative solutions at our full-facility audio post production studio equipped to provide complete sound design, music composition, music arrangement, audio editing, audio mixing and voice-over recordings. Our projects span on-air promos,…
Maria Moraima Jacobacci
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Bilingual Art Director, wordrobe and props. Script editor and translator. Since 2004 I worked as castings producer, camera assistant, scouting producer, brief translator and script translator for national and international commercial productions. The companies that I worked for were Casting-group…
Lahaye Rental
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Lahaye Rental leads the industry in broadcast and professional video and multimedia equipment rental. Providing you with the highest quality equipment for commercials, TV and Film productions is our main mission. From cameras as the RED ONE, RED EPIC, RED Misteryum X, PHANTOM HD GOLD, and some…
Martin Errea
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Director of Photography and Cameraman with over ten years of experience in the television and corporate video industries. He has been involved in practically every type of shooting situation, such as: news, features-documentaries, entertainment, live events, sports, commercials, realities,…
Inner id Designs
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hello this is Frank with Inner Id Designs. Here is a handy link to our services resume, to bookmark or email. http://innerid.com/seresum.htm We want to take a moment of your time and tell you about our team we are 4 individuals working together to make your life easier. We are available for…
Minimal Films
Ciudad de Gomez, Argentina
Minimal Films grows up on the Argentine market with an innovative look in the accomplishment and production of commercials, documentaries and music videos. We are an audiovisual production company dedicated to the creative development of high quality contents combining intelligence with…
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