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Sassy Craft Services
Los Angeles, California
Sassy Craft is located in Los Angeles, Charlotte, NC AND Atlanta, GA! We offer upscale craft service with budget-friendly prices. All of our craft service tables are consistently jam-packed with snacks, lots of varieties, and we don't skimp on the crews tray passes. We believe that everyone…
EJ's Catering and Craft Services
Manhattan, New York
EJ's Catering is a division of EJ's Luncheonette known for New York's best comfort food. EJ's has taken it on the road to accommodate the television and film production industry. Crews have been blown away by the variety that EJ's has to offer. All food is freshly prepared in our production…
Craft Services by Elena
Baltimore, Maryland
Liberty Heights, Craft Services Assistant, 1998; d.c. Pickups, Craft Services Key, 1998-99; Random Hearts, Craft Services Assistant, 2nd Unit Key, 1998; Adversaries, Craft Key, 1998; Pecker, Craft Key, 1997; Contact, Craft Wash DC Key, 1996 I have a full craft services kit, and a Chevy van to go…
Atlanta Craft Services
Atlanta, Georgia
Specializing in craft service & catering for feature films, TV, commercials, promos, music videos, and live events. We are a full service, craft service and catering company taking bookings for productions in and around Atlanta, Georgia. We can mobilize our team of professionals within hours of…
Southeast Craft Services
Alpharetta, Georgia
We are ready to keep your crew happy and healthy for their 12hr+ days/nights. We know how difficult a set can be for talent and crew and we are there for them helping every way possible to make sure they have the nutrients to get your shot list done. Each morning starts with hot coffee and…
Le Grand Craft
Denver, Colorado
Located in Denver, we offer delicious, healthy, creative, made from scratch craft services that will be tailored to fit your needs. Years of experience has taught us what crew like and need best for the unexpected days here in the Rockies. Le Grand Craft has been in business since 2006 and we…
Coastal Craft Services
Tybee Island, Georgia
Experienced craft services production team with screen credit. Will customize your menu to your desires. Vegan and Gluten-Free menus available on request. Dependable and Honest.
Around the Clock Craft Services
New York, New York
Around the Clock Craft Services and Catering company is New York City's #1 affordable solution to keeping you crew well-fed and productive "Around the Clock"! Catering and Craft Services are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our services also include Buffet Style Catering, Full Craft…
Creative Craft Services
New Orleans, Louisiana
Providing Key Craft Service to the Gulfcoast region for 15+ years. Commercials, Film, Music Videos, TV Series, Promos, and Special Events. Our goal is to keep crew and talent happy and productive while still being budget conscience.
We offer full service craft services at any production location for cast and crew, backstage riders etc. We also catering meal services. We work with YOUR budget to provide the best and most services for your dollar!
UCM Craft Services
Phoenix, Arizona
We have been providing one stop shop catering and craft services since 2003. We have two different price breakdowns: Craft Service Daily: For $12 per person (daily), this includes a continental breakfast; Grab and go snacks (cookies, candy, chips, pretzels, fruit, vegetables, etc), Juice,…
Fat Boy offers craft services and light catering for TV, feature film and commercial shoots. We can customize our services to accommodate most budgets. Keep your production staff, cast and crew happy with good eats from Fat Boy. Visit us at www.FatBoyCatering.com
Craft Services & Catering
Bronx, New York
Nuts for juices food truck is revolution food truck that combine mobility of catering and serving healthy juices and upon request catering for the film industry and beyond . we prepare all our juices on the truck and upon request include cold press juice using Norwalk cold pressed juice machine so…
For excellent Craft Services & Catering in the San Diego Area~ we''re the best darn crafty in town! Soon to be available in the Boise area...
EW Craft Services
Port Chester, New York
We love what we do and we love our crews!! Who are we? ... A knowledgeable and skillful team of craft service professionals with over 10 years experience working in Feature films, televisions, commercials and video shoots. We offer a wide variety of teas, coffee, juices, milks, fresh fruit,…
Jeans Craft Services
Santa Clarita, California
I provide healthy foods and drinks along with snacks and fresh fruit.
Organic, Super Food Craft Service built inside a "Tiny House on Wheels". The talk of the town for production "crafty" service in L.A. and the most unique and nutritious food service in the U.S. Organic Coffee and Tea, Super Food Smoothies, Healthy Snacks, Organic chips, dips and chocolates. We…
Custom Craft Services
Brooklyn, New York
Providing custom craft services for all film, TV and production work. Our company uses a client specific approach to allow our clients the ability to tailor their craft service needs. Please check out our website or contact us for your next project!
A Premier Craft Service Company specializing in on-site "crafty" for TV, Film, Live Events, Theater, and Video production. Providing Traditional or Customized gnosh menu to fit your hectic lifestyle. Coffee, Tea, Bottled Water, Juice, Soda, Bagels, Croissants, Donuts, Danishes, Muffins, Toast,…
Stellar Craft Catering
Louisville, Kentucky
Founded in 2008 to provide top-level chef driven Catering and craft services for music festivals, film sets, and other insiders events. Extensive experience on location and on soundstage. Originally based in Chicago, now serving the Midwest and Southeast from our Louisville, KY…
A one stop craft service in the greater NYCs area (and beyond) for Feature Films, Television, Live Events, Commercials, Promos, and Music Videos.
Mobile catering and craft service real food to fit everyone. Customize your service or let the chef do his thing with your specifications. We are able to do Local smart diets, and special diet needs also. We have a venue or we can be mobile. Lowcountry Creole Culinaire Catering is a certified…
Martini Craft
Brainerd, Minnesota
MARTINI Craft, is a highly skilled and experienced craft service company catering to the film industry. We have honed in our skills to become a leader in this fast-paced market. We have the ability to set up anywhere, have multiple crafty stations and are very versatile allowing us to move stations…
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