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Media For You, Inc.
Tokyo, Japan
At Media For You we believe in the power of the moving image, in its ability to communicate and connect. Our mission as an intercultural company is to animate global connections for small and medium-sized enterprises through the use of the visual medium. We are intent on providing the…
Christian Storms
Tokyo, Japan
Working in Japan for 29 years, I came to location sound via a 17 year career as a producer. I honed my sound mixing skills over the past ten years often working as a sound mixer. As a producer for Local 81 with over 90 projects for TV (Top Gear, The Amazing Race), film, commercials (Nike, Apple,…
Maaserhit Honda
Tokyo, Japan
Skilled bilingual producer/fixer/co-director/filmmaker: for documentary programs, corporate videos, and advertising videos. I've worked with BBC, ARTE, FOX, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, RTBF, FRANCE 5, NHK WORLD, NHK BS as well as international clients such as Google, Slack, Microsoft, and others.
Makoto Takaoka
Tokyo, Japan
I am a bilingual Sound Recordist based in Tokyo Japan and Christchurch New Zealand. I am well experienced in various film and Television productions including Commercials, Feature Films, Documentaries and Primetime Reality Television. From a Run and Gun shoot to an extensive commercial set up, I…
Tokyo, Japan
Fixers Japan offer a large catalog of diverse support services specifically tuned to your needs. We can help you to focus your pre-production work in the collection of information, the arrangement of interviews and gathering of permits in hard to film areas as well as other requested locations.…
Jim Ballard
Tokyo, Japan
Video producer, editor and production manager based in TOKYO, JAPAN, offering video production solutions to a host of clients both in Japan and overseas. Working with major brands, small businesses and individuals to produce a wide range of creative content including: CORPORATE VIDEO, BROADCAST…
Tokyo Colours
Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo Colours is a Production Services company based in Tokyo, Japan. Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun, has been the setting for some of history's greatest movies. From the neon neo-Tokyo of Blade Runner to the Samurai era of Kurosawa's Ran, Japan offers both the decadence of tradition and the…
Yuki Ogino-Baerlocher
Saitama, Japan
Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. Ate age of 15 she moved to California, studied still photography and cinematography. After graduating film school she started working a producer on her own TV segment for Tokyo MX TV, John Lennon Museum commercial, and worked with live music events. After coming…
Tokyo, Japan
From three major locations in Japan, Vietnam, and Singapore, and bolstered by over 30 years of experience in the industry, EMBANYA provides one-stop service to match your shooting needs in Asia. For details, please visit our website; http://embanya.asia/#home
Virgin Earth Inc
Shibuya, Japan
virgin earth team has been working together as a production unit for more than 30 years, and very experienced filming in Japan. Also, proud to present the Aoyama Earth Studio, state-of-the-art studio space in the heart of Tokyo to produce high-quality audio and video projects for clients.
Nao Nakazawa
Nagano, Japan
Originally hailing from Nagano, Japan, Nao moved to California in 1996 to study film. First earning a BA in film & digital media from UC Santa Cruz, and later a MFA in cinema from SF State University, Nao has spent more than 15 years working on film and television productions throughout San…
Local 81
Chiba, Japan
Local 81 is your Tokyo based film/tv production oasis. Our mantra: integrity in our beyond-the-call-of-duty work. Christian Storms, Local 81 owner, has produced over 80 hours of award winning docos, TV shows, music videos and commercials with his A-list production crew. Christian has…
Hotaka Matsumura
Osaka, Japan
Cameraman/DP/gaffer and photographer with Canon C300 Mark II, 1DX mark II, and Sony A7SII. English/Japanese speaking. Clients and Projects BASF (Germany) … DP, Local Producer, and Crew Coordination Cook Medical (USA) … Director, DP, Editor, and Crew Coordination DRAGADOS …
ANON Entertainment
Osaka, Japan
Your G20 full production resource, ANON Entertainment. From camera/audio to translation & guidance, we've got you covered. Got a last-minute production broadcast need for the G20 in Osaka? ANON Entertainment can help. From camera/audio to translation & guidance, we've got you covered. …
Japan Video Support
Tokyo, Japan
Video crews and video production services in Tokyo, Japan. Working with foreign production coming to Japan. Native English speaking/bilingual crews. Corporate, broadcast, television, documentary, news, sports, etc. We can bridge the cultural and language gap, making your video production in…
Asia Video Support
Tokyo, Japan
Bilingual video production services and videos crews in Tokyo, Japan. We work with foreign productions coming to Japan. TV production, live events, web streaming, corporate videos, full crews and full production support.
We are a Japanese production service company offering full range production support for International Filmmakers and Media shooting in Japan. We provide top quality: -Location Scout and Research -Fixing -Permit Acquisition -Transportation Arrangement -Production Assistant -Equipment -Local…
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