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Food Stylist Lucy
Portland, Oregon
I love my work. I get a big kick each time I announce that I am a "food stylist." Most people really have no idea what that really means. There's that puzzled frown, complete with silent tilt of the head. Moments later, I can see their brain flash—an image pops up, and there I am wielding a blow…
Jennifer Janz
Portland, Oregon
Jennifer Janz has 25 years of professional food styling experience for TV Commercials, Video, Advertising, Packaging, Magazines and Cookbooks. She is fast, efficient and excels at making your food look beautiful and delicious on camera. Jennifer is amazing at preplanning and running her team at…
Kierstin Buchner
Portland, Oregon
Kierstin Buchner is a professional food stylist based in Portland, Oregon. Kierstin first fell in love with the culinary arts in her mother's kitchen, helping stir the pot and picking leaves off the bay laurel tree to flavor soups and stews. Later, she completed a Bachelor of Arts in Business from…
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