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Tahani Ismael
Mississauga, Ontario
3d artist
Masaaki Nakasone
Toronto, Ontario
I graduated from Computer Animation program at Sheridan college.
VFI has constantly been expanding our product lines by listening to our customers'' needs and desires. From our original painted videoconference stand, VFI now produces a complete line of videoconference and A/V furniture in painted and laminate finishes, including multimedia stands, tables,…
Xavier Polo Campdelacreu
Toronto, Ontario
Motion graphics and cinematography since 2002
Hiram Gifford
Toronto, Ontario
Toronto based Animator and Motion Graphics artist.
Valis Inc.
Toronto, Ontario
Valis Inc. is located downtown in Toronto Canada. We offer full post-production and production services. Editing, graphics, animation, colour grading and sound post-production are our specialities.
Patrick Planche
Toronto, Ontario
3D Game Artist I’m a hardworking, regular guy, dedicated and obsessed with making game art. I’m a computer enthusiast, my most recent computer build is on my blog (Its a beast). I love the outdoors as well, camping, skiiing, and scuba are some of my faves. I recently gained my deep water…
Norm Stangl
Toronto, Ontario
I'm an Executive Producer with a strong creative background. I'm highly skilled in producing motion graphics, visual effects, animation in both 2D and 3D. I also have a highly skilled photographic foundation.
Andre Spence
Brampton, Ontario
I have experience in 3d studio max and Maya, my strength is in character animation motion graphics.
toshimi tabe
Toronto, Ontario
I worked at a digital animation studio for 6 years. I've been passionate to make good pictures for Film, TV animation, Game projects. I have extensive knowledge and experience as a compositor, lighting artist, editor and motion graphics artist. I worked close with directors in last project as a…
Twisted Frame
Toronto, Ontario
Twisted Frame is an innovative and highly creative digital media agency that strives to consistently create high quality digital content. Proudly representing what each and every one of our staff members is passionate about; amazingly beautiful video productions that are second to none. We’re idea…
Christopher Poon
Toronto, Ontario
With more than 10 years of experience in motion graphics, animation and design for large and international agencies, I offer a solid skill set and ineffable dedication to quality. As an expert in both broadcast as well as digital production, I feel confident that I would be an asset to help…
Ardy Aryan
Toronto, Ontario
Visual Effects: 3D Motion Capture 3D modeling, animation Motion Graphics After Effects and Complex Compositing Static and Dynamic Web Design RED Camera Owner/Operator Green Screen Specialist WEB Development : PHP programing E-commerce and OOP HTML5, CSS and Javascript MySQL Database…
Radical Impact
Milton, Ontario
A small passionate team of artists and designer who have the pleasure of helping various production companies and design studios in achieving their production goals with great results. What started off as a one person studio has now evolve into a vibrant group of artists, who absolutely love what…
Kevin Leegsma
Toronto, Ontario
My name is Kevin and I see the world in 3D. In April 2012 I graduated from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) with a Bachelor IT: Game Development and Entrepreneurship degree. Specializing in Maya and 3DSMax, I live my life in the world of 3 planes: X-Y-Z. I originally…
Kerosene Visual Effects Inc.
Toronto, Ontario
Kerosene Visual Effects is a collaboration of innovative artists that produce imagery at the highest quality. We combine passion, spirit and know-how to produce breath-taking visual effects, animation, broadcast design and motion graphics for television and film, as well as custom graphic design…
Mitchell Alorda
Mississauga, Ontario
Looking for a full-time position as a 3D artist.
Ehsan Gharib
Toronto, Ontario
I am a 3D artist, Animator and Modeler. I have 2d animation and photography background.
Patrick Johnston
Newmarket, Ontario
I'm a 21 year old from Canadian who loves animating, drawing, and Youtube.
Ian Coleman
Toronto, Ontario
At RCC acadamy of design I studied 3D modeling software such as 3D StudioMax. Along with 2D image manipulation software such as Photoshop. I was also taught the other steps in the pipeline of video game creation. I have a basic understanding of rigging, an ability to properly animate in 3D and a…
Victoria Breton
Toronto, Ontario
Detail-oriented, assiduous and passionate. Dynamic artist with traditional, digital and 3D experience. Works well independently, in groups, under pressure, and in a fast paced environment. Exceptionally fast learner with a lifelong love of art.
Matrix Design
Toronto, Ontario
3D & Character Animation, Visual Effects & Compositing.
Brandon Sellars
Oshawa, Ontario
I am a cheerful and outgoing person with a knack for finding common ground with all sorts of temperaments and personalities. I have a diligent, focused and hardworking attitude that I apply to any task. I can work easily under pressure, with tight deadlines and always find a way to apply all the…
Switch VFX
Toronto, Ontario
Creative. Experienced. Innovative. The award winning team at Switch VFX was formed by very talented and creative individuals that have been working within the visual effects and animation industry for decades. Our strength is the commitment to the craft and creative execution of digital animation…
Pix Ray VFX inc
Toronto, Ontario
Pix Ray VFX is a Toronto based visual effects studio that has been providing digital post-production services for Feature film and Television productions since 2002
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