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Jesse Reynolds
Chicago, Illinois
Production assistant looking to climb the ranks of the film world. I have been working as a PA since I was a child as it is basically a family business. My father is a 28 year union tenured (retired) grip, my mother is a professional writer and many family friends are in the business. I know the…
Edward Case
Rock Island, Illinois
Martial Artist. Black belt in Taekwondo and Hapkido. Currently in gymnastics. I have staged fight scenes using hand to hand combat and with weapons Such as guns,knives,bo staff, kamas, nunchucks and sword. I do most of my own stunts. I have been in several events showing my talent for promotional…
Julee Wooley
Chicago, Illinois
I create footage, collect video snippets & grab the environment to project visuals during events. I love love to perform live! Live video & live audio is an amazing something that cannot be reproduced. Kinda like a Jazz Improvisation the audio and visual artist feed off of each other as well as…
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