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New Orleans, Louisiana
Exchange3D.com serves professionals in Computer Graphics. Our website is the marketplace where CG professionals sell and buy and sell 3D models, textures, tutorials, environments, and any digital design work. We specialize in 3D Studio MAX models, Lightwave models, Maya models, CAD files, Autocad…
Steven Bellettini
Allendale, Michigan
Animator (Head of Animation, if you want to be technical) for TheGeek Group. I work mainly in Flash & After Effects, but I know 3D Studio Max and have experience with Premiere, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Lightwave, DVD Studio Pro, and Blender. That "Blog" link to the left there isn't actually…
Kevin Nabity
Polk City, Iowa
I graduated from Iowa State University's design program with a six year degree in design with a focus on multimedia production. I am currently a digital media designer at Gannett (the largest newspaper distribution company in the world that owns USAToday). I work with Flash, Maya, Lightwave, Vue,…
The3dStudio.com, Inc.
Mesa, Arizona
The3dStudio.com is the oldest and largest 2D & 3D resource site on the Internet. Our collection of 3D models, stock photos / images, and textures for programs such as Autodesk 3ds max, Photoshop, Cinema 4D, Lightwave, Maya, Vue, Blender, and many others is vast and it is growing larger each day.…
Elliottness Valentin
Orlando, Florida
Dionisio Shin
New York, New York
o 3D Animator with years of experience creating computer graphics animation and digital visual effects for the film and video industry. o Skilled animator and modeler with thorough knowledge of animation principles. Excellent understanding of character development and visual storytelling. o…
James McRae
Washington, District of Columbia
I'm a record producer/songwriter. I'm also a novelist and screenwriter. Staring in January 2012, I will be producing a feature length animation movie using LightWave v.9 and producing the soundtrack CD using Cubase v.5.
Lloyd Slapar
Topeka, Kansas
30 + years production experience. Experienced with Adobe products Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Audition, Encoder, Apple Final Cut Pro 7, Apple DVD Studio Pro, Boris FX, and Lightwave 3D.
petaling jaya, Malaysia
We provide post-production for commercial & film. Specially offline editing by adobe premiere, davinci resolve, online by Flame, Colorgrade by davinci resolve, 3D animtion by Maya, Lightwave
Terrence Pitts
Chicago, Illinois
Creative professional wearing many hats in all aspects of production and post production... Several years of experience various software applications, primarily on the MAC platform this includes: The Adobe Creative Suite (CS) Adobe Photoshop (8 years experience) Adobe After Effects (8…
Michael Napodano
Dallas, Texas
I am a freelance 3D Animation and Graphic Artist/Modeler with over 20 years experience. My other talents include, Painter (oils), Sculptor,Video Editing,Custom Photoshop,Texture Mapping,Lighting,Studio Lighting Sound Editing,Storyboarding,Project Planning,Project Management 2D Graphics,2D…
Dan Pochtrager
East Northport, New York
I graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Computer Art. In addition to my academic credentials, in the past six years I have gained professional experience with motion graphics, visual effects, as well as shooting and editing video. I am proficient in After…
Ray Osborne
Bowling Green, Kentucky
I am a seasoned 3D Artist with experience working in serious games building a wide range of props, environments, and characters. I bring a background of coding and understanding of how models can interface with game development tools. I welcome the challenge of a fast-paced environment, managing…
Kenn Christenson Films
Eagle Point, Oregon
Kenn Christenson Films specializes in high definition video production for the creation of TV commercials, promotional and web videos, music videos, short and feature length motion pictures. Fully equipped high definition and 4K production capabilities, including: tungsten and HMI lighting,…
Paul Mellender
Reno, Nevada
Traditional artist and 3d generalist. Over 20 years professional experience across a spectrum of projects from fine art, film, video games, theatre and graphic design. Adept in traditional art techniques with a strong background in anatomy, color theory, sculpture, painting, facial expression,…
Greg Harmon
Atlanta, Georgia
Editor, 2d & 3D Animator & FX Artist. Seeking to support both short term and long term projects with over ten years of experience using Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightwave 3D, Motion, and DVD Studio Pro.
Silverline Productions
Oxford, Massachusetts
High Quality Production and Post Production Services. From scripting to authoring, we offer HD shooting, non liner editing, graphic and animation design using photoshop, aftereffects, lightwave and flash, DVD and Blu Ray menu creation and authoring, compressions, Transfers and Duplications.
Andrew Kral
Orlando, Florida
I currently work as a freelance 3d Artist delving into a wide variety of differing projects that add to my ever expanding skill sets. I have done everything from 3d modeling, texturing, animating, lighting, to visual effects, roto and video editing. My focus recently, is on modeling and texturing…
Kenneth Pedersen
Seattle, Washington
I Graduated from Full-sail University with a degree with film production, and The Digital Animation and Visual effects school with a degree in Visual Effects and Graphics. I have been involved in Production & Post Production for the last few years and would like to offer my skills to your…
Michael Davidson
Canyon Country, California
Visual Effects artist with 9 years in the industry, mostly doing television post production work. I hold an Occupational Associates Degree in Digital Animation and Visual Effects focusing in Lightwave 3D and Adobe products, as well as an A.A.S. and a B.A.S. specializing in Virtual Reality…
Brian Lehmbeck
Hawthorne, New Jersey
Accomplished professional with extensive experience in video production, video editing, graphics creation, video animation and online video distribution strategies and management. Proven ability to take a project from the inception stage to completion while meeting client and corporate objectives.…
Ricardo Galan
Kissimmee, Florida
DIGITAL ARTIST Wide ranging knowledge in digital animation techniques ranging from pre-conception to completion with experience in a wide variety of visual effects tools utilizing 2D and 3D effects. SOFTWARE .Lightwave .Photoshop .Nuke .Z-Brush .After Effects .Motion…
Nathanael Fuller
Apex, North Carolina
I am a well-rounded digital artist specializing in animation, motion graphics design, video editing, and post production. I am always striving to tell stories through movement and bring projects to life with experience animating a variety of characters and objects in several different styles. I…
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