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IATSE - Local 600 Eastern
New York, New York
IATSE - Local 600 NY
IATSE - Local 600 Central
Park Ridge, Illinois
IATSE Local 600 - Illinois
IATSE Local No. 489
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Southwestern Pennsylvania Film Workers - Pittsburgh Studio Mechanics - Grips, Electrics, Props, Special Effects, Wardrobe, Sound, Set Dressing, Art Department, First Aid, Construction, H.V.A.C., Greens, Paint, Hair & Make-Up, Script Supervisors, Accountants, Production Office…
Lane Luper
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Im experienced career assistant camera with my own equipment and Im willing to travel. Resume and references available upon request.
Remsy Atassi
Chicago, Illinois
Chicago based DP and camera operator. RED & FS7 Owner/Operator. 8+ years of experience in Chicago commercial, corporate, and advertising markets. I create boutique videos and films for clients in a diverse range of industries including: advertising, health care, editorial, legal, non-profit,…
J'mme Love
Chicago, Illinois
I am an optimistic and motivated individual, offering a multitude of technical skills, applicable in the field of Commercial, Cinema, T.v., Internet & New Media Production. My professional experience history ranges from Commercial Production Assistant to Director of Photography. I've conducted…
Moll Jean Nye
Chicago, Illinois
Freelance Production History Sep 2015-Feb 2015 > Camera Utility, FOX Empire Responsible for wireless video transmission to Director, DP & Focus Puller monitors Jan 2012-current > Independent Work, non-union Freelance Camera Op, Camera Assistant, Data Manager, Editor July 2013-…
Orlando Herrera
Los Angeles, California
Associate Member of the Society of Camera Operators IATSE Local 600 Camera Operator and Independent DP Studied cinematography in Prague, Czech Republic and shot commercials, documentaries and features in over a dozen countries.
Pedro Luque
Los Angeles, California
Cinematographer from Montevideo, Uruguay, based in LA. Responsible for "Panic attack", the original "Silent house" (single take horror feature film), and 5 other features, 7 feature documentaries, countless short films, music videos and commercials. Fast, intuitive, professional, with a high…
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