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Daryl Thompson
Houston, Texas
I am a motion graphics/video editor for the past fifteen years. I specialize in motion design, illustration, and motion graphics animation using after effects and Cinema 4d. I have worked in the fields oil and gas, plastics training, professional sports, video slot machines, and children's…
Earnest Smith
Dayton, Texas
I've been shooting and editing video as hobby for over 10 years. I can do limited animation and/or "motion graphics". I also am somewhat skilled in sound design/audio cleanup and have some skill editing photos.
Justin Gray
Houston, Texas
I am a highly experienced senior editor, motion graphics artist, lead animator and producer with much enthusiasm and creative insight. Creativity flows through my veins and professionalism, a keen eye for detail and a collaborative spirit are certainly in no shortage. My ability to take an idea and…
Eu Entertainment
Houston, Texas
Eu Entertainment is a full service marketing and production company with an emphasis on branding, social media and direct response solutions. We have provided video production, motion graphics, 3D, editorial, compositing, & VFX for commercial, corporate and film clients since 2002.
Andrea Christian
Houston, New Zealand
Aside from taking on production gigs I enjoy creating fantastic motion graphics out of nothing and pedaling on single-track bike trails.
Jeromy Barber
Houston, Texas
Producer/Director/Editor Jeromy Barber and Musician/Fine Artist James Templeton formed Dinolion to create video and film. Our vision for Dinolion is to create projects we love with people and companies we love. Dinolion loves you. Dinolion is a turnkey creative video boutique specializing in…
Ana-Victoria A
Houston, Texas
Graphic Design, Title Design, Art Direction, Motion Graphics, Director, Producer
Victor Okoro
Houston, Texas
I have had the pleasure, in my short lifetime, to have worked with television stations, local music artists, tourism boards, and large corporations. This video field, has yet to bore me. I find it more and more enthralling, especially with the advent of new media (vimeo, youtube, etc). Being…
Chris Wojcik
Houston, Texas
I am a video editor and motion graphics designer with over 3 years of professional work experience.
Jason Bass
Houston, Texas
:: 3 Star Motion Graphics Chef :: Over 10 Years Experience with Motion Graphics, Video Production and Design ::
Captiv Creative
Houston, Texas
Captiv Creative is a video marketing agency that creates visual content specifically designed to showcase your business how you want the world to see it. Our talented team designs and produces custom content that’s guaranteed to captivate your audience.
Ron Coy
Houston, Texas
I have over 18 years of experience using Adobe After Effects, and over 5 years of experience with Adobe Premiere. I've been working in some form of video production or graphic design since 1990. I'm also somewhat familiar with 3D. I am also proficient with Photoshop, Illustrator, Element 3D, the…
Swagger Film
Houston, Texas
SWAGGER began in 2005, offering photography, video production, post-production, animation, marketing, social media, and other brand management services. With a focus on telling your story both beautifully and efficiently, our team of diversely talented individuals has an intense passion for their…
Dinolion, LLC
Houston, Texas
Dinolion is a creative production and post-production company based in Houston operated by artists James Templeton, and Jeromy Barber. Concept, Write, Shoot, Edit, Animate, Install, etc.
Neil Swager
Houston, Texas
I was born and currently live in Houston, Texas; however from ten years of age my parents moved to Britain, where I lived until February 2014. After graduating from London Metropolitan University, I worked for two and a half years at a London-based production company where I was a full-time Video…
Travis Johns
Houston, Texas
I'm a freelance editor & motion designer available for hire, and though I specialize in graphic packages for broadcast television, I have created award-winning work for a variety of mediums for clients like Redbull, Scion, The Travel Channel, and Howard TV. I bring over a decade of experience in…
Jaqgravan Sananikone
Houston, Texas
Post Production Specialist with 5+ years experience in Editorial (Final Cut Pro, Avid), Visual Effects & Motion Graphics (After Effects), Graphic Design and Photo Retouching (Photoshop).
Since 1997, Mitch Robbins has been involved in all aspects of video, television, and motion picture production, from concept and scriptwriting to post production and final delivery. He has developed, produced, directed, and served in various other capacities in the production of many television and…
Spline And Form
Houston, Texas
Ten years experience specializing in freelance 3D, visual effects, and animation.
Cesar Cabrera
Houston, Texas
I have collaborated as Video Editor, producer, videographer, photographer, director of photography and graphic designer in a variety of media and formats, including printing, television, radio, internal communications, billboards, internet, and the like.
Jason Casillas
Houston, Texas
I'm passionate about cinematography-- composition, lighting, and motion to properly tell a story. Managing a marketing video team at Insperity, a fortune 500 company, I practice this along with editing, motion graphics and team leadership. I've been doing corporate video for over ten years. …
Ariel Santschi
Houston, Texas
Preditor - Producer, Shooter, Editor & Motion Graphics
Kevin Ellis
Houston, Texas
my vimeo — http://vimeo.com/96970606 demo reel and other spots I’ve on-lined my LinkedIn profile - www.linkedin.com/pub/kevin-ellis/4/b18/951/ - Nearly 20 Years of experience in all aspects of VFX for commercial and film post-production. I have the ability to organize…
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