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Meredith McLeod
Pasadena, California
I have a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and it is my life’s goal to develop a long term career that combines my love of the arts and utilizes my acquired skills. I’m bright, eager to be involved and would love to be a part of your team.
Logan Huggins
Pasadena, California
I am currently a Post Production Assistant at Relativity Television. Before that, I graduated with a Master of Arts in TV, Radio, and Film from The Newhouse School at Syracuse University. (3.9 GPA) Before that, I did roughly a year of freelance production throughout the Southeast,…
Burma Brown
Pasadena, California
1975 Control Data Institute 1990 Corporate Edu & Training AT&T 6500 Multifunction Communication System 1999 Northwest College A+ Computer Repair 2002 South Coast College Introduction to how computers work 2011 Pasadena City College Business &…
K. Whitfield
Pasadena, California
Provide Administrative Support.
ABI Transcription Services
Pasadena, Texas
Transcription services for all digital-related files - technical, video, seminars, medical, legal and general. Professional quality with a professional touch.
Elizabeth Sturdivant
Pasadena, California
I was a former executive assistant to the President of Telepictures Productions and EVP of Warner Bros Television Domestic Distribution. I left that position to start a family and am now ready to work again.
Alison Huttley
Pasadena, California
“TEAMWORK: Many Minds, Many Hands, One Goal.” OVERVIEW: Detail oriented, intuitive, efficient, conscientious, patient, flexible. PROFESSIONAL & CREATIVE PROFILE: •Office Administration, Legal, Sales, Accounting, All Staff Support •Highly Successful Customer Service •Supervision &…
Michael Gifford
Pasadena, California
Writer/Blogger- FilmmakingReview .com Wide array of experience in Telecommunications
Nicole Younger
Pasadena, California
Just graduated from the University of San Diego with a BA in Communication Studies and Marketing. I have a passion for commercials and advertising and a "can do" attitude.
Myles Williams
Pasadena, California
Pursuing professional opportunities in production development, providing opportunities to learn, contribute and grow into a future production development executive. Seeking roles to provide coverage and input on scripts that have the potential to become feature films, TV programming and streaming…
Jessica Ayala
Pasadena, California
Executive Assistant, Office Manager, Creative Services Coordinator, Production Assistant (on set), Traffic Coordinator
Angie Comer
Pasadena, California
Diligently seeking a challenging and creative position, where I can expand my knowledge and goals for continued growth.
Maggie Melton
Pasadena, California
I am looking for a position to utilize my experience in production and communication. I came to the Los Angeles area to find a position that will give me more responsibility and opportunity. I have a valuable background in film and news production from a variety of sources including ABC affiliate…
Michael Girsback
Pasadena, California
I have previous experience as a production assistant and would like to work for a production company.
Thomas Nahigian
Pasadena, California
I have over 30 years of executive assistant experience working for software companies as well as legal fields. I am skilled with computers and I know the Microsoft Suite of office applications.
Jessica Rivera
Pasadena, California
Hello, Thank you for your interest, I have over five years of experience as an Administrative, Marketing, Publicist, Education, and General Office Assistant. And two to three years of experience in the Acquisition, Sales, and Management Department. I also have previous experience in the…
Jesse Smith
Pasadena, California
I am a recent graduate of Full Sail University in Orlando Florida, graduating with a Bachelors of Science degree majoring in Film. I have an extreme passion for film and video production and I believe the knowledge to back it up. I have an incredible passion and interest in the technical side of…
Kimmy Evans
Pasadena, California
I have worked in a little bit of everything and know how to adapt quickly to what is asked of me. Most recently I have been working in live events so the idea of doing something right the first time around is what I constantly work for. I also am consistently editing and really enjoy collaborating…
Alex Lubin
Los Angeles, California
I recently PAed on James Cameron's "Avatar Sequels" and am looking for another PA position or a coordinator/manager position. I prefer a more long-term job (3+ months), but am open to shorter gigs as well. I am a writer/director, and am constantly working on my own projects in my free time.
Dan Watt
Culver City, California
I have worked both on Studio and Indie projects. I am interested in documentaries, unscripted tv, films, commercials and video projects. I was the Production Coordinator/Field Producer on WILD RIDE, a doc-series that follows a cycling team across America and China for 8 months (Airing on…
Spencer Zehren
Los Angeles, California
Hello -- it's great to meet you through ProductionHUB! I am an active, high-energy Runner/PA/Post-Production Asst./Executive Asst. with a B.A. in Media Arts and Culture and a minor in Classical Studies. As a digital native, I am interested in the evolution of entertainment per social media --…
Chris Brown
Diamond Bar, California
Scriptwriter and director. Bachelors Degree from Cal State Fullerton University in Communications - Radio TV Film. I write short stories, treatments, and spec scripts. Recently finished writing a Pilot for a colleague at NBC. Past production experience includes an internship for Voltage…
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