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Matthew Sparrow
El Cajon, California
Experienced with working with Sony PDW F 800, Sony EX 3 and others. Knowledge on how to prep a camera for filming, label and log tapes, and packing a run bag. Knowledge of lighting and assisting grip truck, I also know how to Mic/de Mic people and work an audio mixer. I have been a camera assistant…
Thomas William Davis
Seattle, Washington
"If you continue to do what you've always done, you'll continue to get what you've always gotten." Continually striving to grow and develop physically, emotionally, and spiritually I'm always prepared for the opportunity to provide an enthusiastic, charismatic and professional demeanor to all…
Suzanne Lanham
San Diego, California
I love production; video, film and live events. For me, it’s all about providing excellent service to my clients and colleagues, being a team player, getting the job done, and being kind – you know, keeping a cool head under pressure and saying “Thanks” to the PA for that bottle of…
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