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Joseph Brown
North Providence, Rhode Island
I am a motivated, dedicated, multitasked filmmaker. I am a recent graduate with a bachelor's in Film trying to pursue a career in the film/television business. Film is my passion and I plan to work as hard as I possibly can to accomplish my goals by succeeding in this industry.
Eric DiMarco
Brooklyn, New York
I excel in all departments but would love to work in Camera. I have 2 years of experience working at ARRI rental where I learned how to set up a WCU4, clean and test lenses, attach/demount lenses, build a camera rig, troubleshoot some ARRI gear, and more. Also, have great experience…
Jessica Santana
Brooklyn, New York
Born & raised in Bronx, NY Little Italy section, by a single mom. I am the oldest of 4 brothers & sisters and help my mom to raise them. All my life wanted to sing and act, would put on shows for family and the summers spent with my aunt rehearsing and singing Elton John songs along with my cousin.…
Matthew Vieira
North Providence, Rhode Island
Interested in Film & TV production.
Liuda Khyzhniak
Brooklyn, New York
I love to generate ideas, create stories, and bring them to life. I'm a creative and hard-working person. I'm driven by ambition, ideas, and inspiration. I'm open to this world and gladly accept the challenges and opportunities that life presents to me. I want to leave after me something more than…
Ama Buzo
New York, New York
Hi! I'm Ama, a a cinema-geek with passion for every aspect of the film/video production industry with a focus on directing. My previous experience entails: Video Editing, Content Creator, Production assistant in film/theater, Freelance Artist, Architecture Design and Project…
Damian Bridger
New York, New York
Educated and experienced Production Utility looking for work in the industry and opportunities for advancement. On set PA experience looking to transition to major motion picture sets. Experience with lighting and grip. Knowledgable of camera/production equipment. Enthusiastic and hungry to work. …
Rebecca Kaplan
New York, New York
I am looking to transition my assistant experience in the stage management, producing, and directing of theatre to the film and television world. During my undergraduate and graduate studies I had interned with several film and television production companies-writing script coverage, assisting…
I am a graduate of the University of Central Florida with a B.A. in Television Production. Throughout my undergraduate career, I gained experience in studio production, pre-production, and post-production. Outside of the classroom, I interned with companies like NBC Universal and PBS, where I got…
David Ginsburg
Chicago, Illinois
I am a film lover and a hard worker. It's the only work I've ever wanted. I have a degree in Television Production and want to get more and more experience working on sets in any capacity. I have experience in video editing with Premiere Pro as well as Avid Media Composer. I have worked on short…
Sam Colon
New York, New York
I'm an amateur filmmaker and writer based in Brooklyn looking for volunteer and paid PA jobs to get more on-set experience. While I have a fairly demanding day job outside of film, my schedule is flexible.
Jessica Smith
Brooklyn, New York
Art Director, Prop/Art Stylist, Scenic Artist with experience in TV, Film, Theatre, and Design Installations. Most recent credits for work on Impractical Jokers, Target's Easter 2020 Campaign, Food Paradise, Worst Bakers in America, Uber Black commercial series starring Martha Stewart, and Frankie…
Jamie Cristello
Brooklyn, New York
I am a freelance director, editor, and hardworking PA. I am currently a full time dance teacher for the NYC Dept. of Education, looking to also sustain a career in my passion for TV and film production. I am dependable, hardworking, give 110% and want to gain as much experience as I can in…
Kevin Cutler
Brooklyn, New York
A professional in the field of customer service with five years experience ranging from but not limited to the production of music, content creation for online publications and fine timepiece acquisitions and sales. Has operated on the highest level in each and every field entered through…
Randy Quintero
Brooklyn, New York
Working in film is something that I love to do, and see no other job I could consider doing. After a couple years of Set P.A.ing, I'm making a gradual switch into gripping from having had opportunities to work amongst many G & E folks. From that growing interest, I'd like to keep improving my own…
Peter Insinna
New York, New York
Experienced video editor/PA on set. Experienced in Adobe Creative Suite, Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, and Pro Tools 10.
Davone Alexis
Brooklyn, New York
I have been working as an Editor for the Caribbean Film Academy for over 2 years. Proficient in both Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro as well as encoding for web and multi-platform delivery.
Connor Meehan
New York, New York
Motivated Film Crew member able to adapt to multiple film crew roles. Collaborative team member who works well with challenging deadlines. Background includes script reviews, script writing, directing, editing including Avid and Primier. Great Communication skills.
Melissa Goller
New York, New York
Film production assistant with superior organizational skills and experience both on set setting up cameras and lighting, and in the office prioritizing tasks to drive results. Eager to bring my tireless professionalism and passion for film to a production. With strong verbal and written…
Cassandra Clark
Manhattan, New York
Hello Hello! I am a freelance executive producer. I am currently producing a documentary for a 2020 Sundance premier. The past several years I have freelanced as the office manager for Lumina Films and working with my own list of clients. I am looking for more opportunities in the industry and…
Lisa Smith Craig
New York, New York
Over ten years experience as a Fashion Stylist and Creative Director. Selected, collaborated and directed creative work teams from storyboard to the magazine editorial tear. Implemented systems and procedures resulting in increased productivity and effective time management. With extensive…
Henry Luzzatto
New York, New York
I'm a filmmaker and writer living in New York City. I have experience working in independent film development, production, and distribution, and I'm always looking ways to help fellow artists get their projects made.
Brian Mead
New York, New York
I’m a sag afternoon experience Actor with Principal National Commercial and Experience as talent I’m pursuing an MFA a Brooklyn College in Cinematic Producing. I have 10 years experience in this industry.
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