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Mark Freid
Snohomish, Washington
Location Manager and Scout. Pacific Northwest and Beyond... Feature films, local and national commercials, television series. Network, studio and local productions. Transforming your imagination into a workable location for practical film work and digital on-screen magic. Will travel.…
TIBAZ Productions & Promotions Ltd
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Welcome to Tibaz Productions. We are a Production Company and our major goals include helping you to maximize your profits by minimizing your production budget costs. We are here to help you reduce the liability and uncertainty of producing media content, and strive to help you gain the much…
Lake Tahoe Photography
Carson City, Nevada
Winner of the 2017 COLA award "California On Location Award" I have lived in Tahoe since 1983. I've worked in the industry since 2008 with resort owners, State and Federal agencys, County and City offices and local business. I have an extensive library of location photos. I also have…
Handling all affairs of productions, arranging entire crew,equipments arranging locations according to shoots and recordings, arranging and planning of assignments to take place, etc
Carey Eisner
Piermont, New York
have produced live television in studio and via satellite truck(s). have acted as a producer on video shoots and worked with editors to produce news pieces.
Sandra Davidson
Santa Clarita, California
I have several years experience working in the entertainment insurance industry - primarily short term production policies (issuing certificates for permit purposes as well as providing adequate coverage and certificates for rental houses as needed.
Perfect shot Morocco
Marrakech, Morocco
Perfect Shot provides professional cinematography services in Morocco. Over ten years of experience in production . Perfect Shot produces for corporations, individuals, and institutional clients on location and in our studio facility in Marrakesh and Ouarzazate SERVICES Pre…
Sig Moser
Toronto, Ontario
Costume technician/designer. Ranging from historical to ultra modern looks.
We are a Japanese production service company offering full range production support for International Filmmakers and Media shooting in Japan. We provide top quality: -Location Scout and Research -Fixing -Permit Acquisition -Transportation Arrangement -Production Assistant -Equipment -Local…
Clandestino Production
Tunis, Tunisia
Dop, Movi and Drone Operator. Own 01 Arri Alexa Mini, 3 Sony Fs7, Movi M15, Dji Inspire Raw Drone, Canon CNE Prime Lenses etc. Permits, Facilities, Crew etc
Sonoma County Film Commission
Santa Rosa, California
In 1974-75, the County of Sonoma created a film coordinator's position with the Sonoma County Economic Development Board. The film coordination efforts were subsequently placed under the direction of the Sonoma County Public Information Office.
Beverly Hills Film Office
Beverly Hills, California
Beverly Hills Conference & Visitors Bureau
El Dorado Tahoe Film Commission
Placerville, California
Stretching from the foothills above the Sacramento Valley through rugged mountains to Lake Tahoe, the "Golden County" of California has a terrain as diverse as its population. The pioneering spirit that drew the gold seekers of yesterday still thrives among our current business owners. Our county…
Zurin, Italy
No description
Tokyo, Japan
Fixers Japan offer a large catalog of diverse support services specifically tuned to your needs. We can help you to focus your pre-production work in the collection of information, the arrangement of interviews and gathering of permits in hard to film areas as well as other requested locations.…
The most thorough source of information for filming and conducting entertainment related business in Miami-Dade County! We help you with information on incentives, local weather conditions, images of our diverse locations, updates on film office initiatives, industry news and events, current…
KPG Productions
Knoxville, Tennessee
KPG Productions provides consultation services for your projects in and around the Knoxville, TN area. We can fully crew and oversee casting for your production, find you the perfect location and obtain the necessary permits, and make sure you find the best fit for your post needs. If you seek…
Dean Parker
Woodland Hills, California
Location Manager, assistant and scout with network television experience. Skilled negotiator with large locations database. Experienced with all aspects of permit process, long relationships with film commissions and law enforcement. "My job is to ensure the creative vision of the director and…
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