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Erin Strickland
Wilmington, North Carolina
Erin Strickland is a freelance photographer, filmmaker, and videographer looking to travel and learn more about the film industry. She loves to work with people as a team towards a collective goal. In school she focused her studies on several aspects of film production, including camera, lighting,…
Susan Russell
Wilmington, North Carolina
Passionate about production. Detail oriented, punctual, professional. I can work gracefully under pressure. Working with a team like a well oiled machine is a goal. Keeping actors, crew, and producers happy is second nature.
Elissa Nelson
Charlotte, North Carolina
CQL (DGA-eligible) 2nd Assistant Director on the New York Qualifications List for the large budget feature/ television series realm. Works well with large background, stunts, cars, any paperwork: MovieMagic Scheduling, Exhibit Gs, Callsheets, PRs, Background Breakdowns, etc.…
Frank Waldeck
Wilmington, North Carolina
Credits: Dawson's Creek (2nd & 3rd season)/ Alka Seltzer/ Dutch Boy(comm.)/Shoney's(comm.)/CP&L(comm.)
Derek Smith
Wilmington, North Carolina
Credits: 28 Days/Black Dog/Waterproof/Virus/The Jackal/A Degree in Deception/The Perfect Daughter/Murderous Intent
Sonia Bland
Wilmington, North Carolina
Credits: Shake, Rattle & Roll/Mary Jane's Last Dance/ Dawson's Creek/Chill Factor/I Know What You Did Last Summer/ Something Borrowed, Something Blue/The Day Lincoln was Shot/Morgan's Ferry/A Step Toward Tomorrow/Legacy
Keena Wilson
Greensboro, North Carolina
Driven, dedicated and dynamic. The three D's I use to describe myself. I take my work seriously, but I do not take myself too seriously. Which is why I believe that I am a very easy going and fun person to work with. I am extremely organized and I handle pressure very well. Overall, I am a college…
Stephanie Adams
Castle Hayne, North Carolina
Credits: Funny Valentines/Asunder/Any Place But Home/Best Friends for Life/One Christmas/Super Mario Bros./Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles(2nd unit)/Weekend at Bernie's/Touched by an Angel(pilot)/Dawson's Creek(pilot)
Laura Sherrrill
Greensboro, North Carolina
I am a recent graduate from the Media Studies program at UNCG. I have a passion to be in the media industry. I would like to be an editor.
Ricky Walker
Hillsborough, North Carolina
Pre, Production, and Post Production. Talent.
Jessica Haesemeyer
Charlotte, North Carolina
Production Assistant who is hard worker and can be an asset to your production. I am striving to be an AC and have worked as an 2nd. I have worked on SOUTHERIN GOTHIC, DANCE OF THE DEAD, EVIL WOODS, Fast Track to Fame, I am Muredered to name a few. You can contact me at any time through my email…
Julius Smith
Wilmington, North Carolina
Greetings! My name is Julius. I am currently in my second year of Film School at the Los Angeles Film School; Studying Digital Filmmaking/Digital Cinematography. I want to gain as much experience as possible in the various avenues of the film industry, including: Producing, Writing, Production…
Robert Darren
Raleigh, North Carolina
Experience in film and TV production in Las Vegas, NV and Raleigh, NC. I have extensive experience in casting, production assistant, and pre-production.
Gregory Roll
Charlotte, North Carolina
Hi, My name is Greg Roll and I am a Freelance Sports Skilled Utility, Camera Operator, Fiber Utility, Phone AD, Parab Operator, Production Assistant & Runner. I have worked over 100 shows in the past three years as role as utility position. See below for Networks I have worked in the past and…
Adam Alphin
Wilmington, North Carolina
Credits: Shop click.com/Happy Campers/Arm & Hammer/ Nike/ The Pavilion/Funny Valentines/Kyoko
Penny Pridemore
Wilmington, North Carolina
Credits: Go West/First Union Bank(comm.)/Converse(comm.)
Alice Peschl
Wilmington, North Carolina
Experienced Set PA in features, TV episodics, and commercials. Also credited as non-DGA 2nd AD. Resume available upon request.
Quinn Parker
Durham, North Carolina
Director, Editor, Writer, etc
Elizabeth Worrell
Boone, North Carolina
Experienced with production projects at all aspect. Currently producing and shooting my first short film.
Bo Webb
Wilmington, North Carolina
Credits: The Patriot/Mary Jane's Last Dance/Muppets From Space/Elmo in Grouchland/He Got Game/Chill Factor/Black Dog/ The Grave
Cedric Livingston
Greensboro, North Carolina
Promotions Producer For Triad CW 20 BA - NCSU Mass Com will fill in this part later ............................................
Kathleen Durkin
Charlotte, North Carolina
experienced news photojournalist/photographer, 2nd AC and videographer.
James Fitzgerald
Castle Hayne, North Carolina
25 years old. Graduated from Film Studies program at UNC-Greensboro. Experience as AC, DIT and grip work.
Chase Schultz
Winston Salem, North Carolina
I'm an alumni of NCSA School of Filmmaking. I'm a 1st AC who has experience with RED, ALEXA, Panavision Gold II 35mm, ARRI 416 16mm, Arri SR3 16mm, Arri SR2 16mm cameras. I have experience on Features, Shorts, Commercials, and TV as a 1st AC. I'm detail oriented and a hard worker. I have my…
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