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Rick Walker
Kissimmee, Florida
I am currently a freelance A/V Technician through out the Central Florida area with at least 10 years of hands-on experience as a audio technician, audio/video tech, and audio/video operator. My relevant skills and background will help me make a solid contribution to your business. Please allow me…
David Monro
Kissimmee, Florida
Well-Rounded A/V Technician with 7 years of experience in Corporate Events and Rock n Roll. Video is my specialty, I do Cam Op, Switching, and projection. But I also do A2, V2, L2, and Breakout work as well. Willing to travel
Aaron Watson
Kissimmee, Florida
Highly trained sound engineer and musician with B.A. Music Studies: Composition.
Bryan Zerfas
Kissimmee, Florida
I have worked in the field of computer arts starting in the early 1990s running through today as graphic designer, VFX technician and video editor. During slower times, I also worked as a computer technician at several large facilities working on individual workstations and LAN/SAN configurations.…
Marelys Garcia
Kissimmee, Florida
I have a degree in Show Production and Touring from Full Sail University. Most of my audio visual experience stems from school. I have minimal experience outside of it and would love the opportunity to work with any kind of audio visual company to expand my knowledge in the show production…
Steven Astacio
Kissimmee, Florida
Freelance Camera Operator, Broadcast video Engineer, Editor & Producer. Avid systems proficient High intensity fast-paced work Multi-format SYNC integration …
Albert Alcantara
Kissimmee, Florida
I am a film grad from Florida. I have more than 4 years of experience in shooting, directing and editing videos. I mainly direct but I am willing to serve any department that needs me. I have a lot of experience in being a Camera Operator, 2nd AC and as a Loader as well. I also am experienced in…
Vinnie Carattini
Kissimmee, Florida
I am an entertainment technician with over twenty years experience in the industry. My experience and education are based on a unique combination of skills, team participation, leadership, and hard work, which has enabled me to work through complex situations. A brief list of my skills and…
Bryan Torres
Kissimmee, Florida
Detailed professional with comprehensive filmmaking and audio engineering experience. Background includes consistent results and positions of increased responsibility. Skilled in different environments from live events to controlled studio shoots, knowledge with a large variety of cameras, lenses…
Orlando Productions
Orlando, Florida
OUR MISSION We believe that a partnership with our organization is an experience, and as such to those who have not worked with us before, we invite them to Experience It! OUR VALUES We believe in offering our clients the best service possible, at an affordable price. By utilizing our…
Robbie Barr
Oviedo, Florida
Experienced and highly qualified Studio Technician demonstrating an extensive background in camera/studio operations for major companies such as Thomson Reuters and J.P. Morgan while performing camera operation during many live broadcasts and television programs. Adept at providing quality control,…
Gina Vincenza Van Epps
Orlando, Florida
Gina Vincenza’s (aka Psycho Seamstress) work has been featured on Broadway, Concert Tours and is on display in museums including Janis Joplin’s Cape and 2 Bigfoot creatures that recently made national news. Her Design House is located on an Orlando soundstage where she manages fashion, costume,…
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