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NjordWorks Inc
Niceville, Florida
NjordWorks manufactures small unmanned aquatic vehicles specializing in hard to access and/or hazardous water environments. Primary applications include video below and above the waterline, life saving, tendering (moving supplies) and security. Our products are also used for entertainment purposes…
Aerial Imaging Pros
Stocksfield, United Kingdom
We operate UAVs for aerial videography, filming and photography. Instantly increase the production value of your project with aerial shots that are affordable and impressive. We can quite literally take your production to a whole new level with our Unmanned Aircraft or UA. Using the latest…
FlyMotion Media
Tampa, Florida
FlyMotion Media is an FAA 333 and Part 107 approved aerial drone photography and videography company located in Tampa, Florida that produces highly specialized close-range aerial media. FlyMotion Media also offers service in all areas of post-production—allowing us to fully manage projects from…
Windshear Media LLC
Falmouth, Massachusetts
**We have just relocated to Massachusetts but will continue to serve the Mid-Atlantic region with the same quality of service you have come to expect of us over the last 6 years. Windshear Media LLC is the premiere Unmanned Aircraft System(UAS, UAV, or Drone) service provider for the North East…
Aerial Imagery Works
Rochester Hills, Michigan
Aerial Imagery Works is a aerial cinematography and photography company that combines today's most advance technology with years of experience, and a passion to delivery the most amazing imagery. You will not find more experienced pilots, nor will you find superior equipment than what you can get…
Above The Rest is a professional drone Aerial Videography and Photography company. Using specialized Remote Controlled small drone aircraft that can carry a variety of HD cameras on a stabilized camera gimbal, we are able to produce one of a kind aerial videos & photos that no other photographer…
Aerial MOB
Carlsbad, California
Aerial MOB is the leading company in the use of unmanned aerial systems (drones) in film and television production. We use state-of-the-art UAS technology combined with highly cinematic cameras and the most advanced camera stabilization systems. This captures breathtaking aerial perspectives…
We are FAA approved and insured for "Closed set Motion Picture and Television" aerial filming and photographic productions . Based out of Westchester NY we offer full production services and 4K aerial video capture using our Inspire 1. We offer the highest production value for your budget.
We are among the leaders in FAA, MPAA and IATSE 600 Approved aerial cinematography, providing world class services to film, television studios and production houses. We handle all of the permitting and insurances for our drones in order to provide our clients the most complete service from your…
HELICAM is Savannah's go to Drone Company with years of experience of getting the shot! HeliCam is the leader in carrying Anamorphic Lenses up to 6lbs with an Arri Alexa Mini/ Red Dragon or just an Inspire 2 X5S RAW set up? HeliCam has been the leader in Drone Aerial Cinematography since 2002 and…
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
US Aerial Video provides promotional and commercial aerial video and photography using unmanned aerial vehicles and drones to achieve unique perspectives at a reasonable cost.
Aerobo Drone Cinematography
Brooklyn, New York
Aerobo Drone Company is the largest provider of high-end aerial film and photography, having worked across 40 states and 3 countries. Our projects include The Greatest Showman, The First Purge, A Quiet Place, Unsane, and The Fate of the Furious. Our fleet of drone pilots and cinematographers use…
Drone Rentals-30yrs experience- FAA leader in flying Anamorphic Lenses up to 6lbs down to the fully loaded Inspire 2. HeliCam has been the leader in Drone Cinematography since 2002 and just recently was "Producer Choosen" to fly for 20th Century Fox''s Simon VS Homo Sapiens Agenda and the Final…
Aerial Edge LLC
Seattle, Washington
Aerial Edge was formed in 2011 fusing cinematography and aviation together to provide a service in filming low level aerials from unmanned aircraft. Today, Aerial Edge is the product of industry pioneers coming together for one goal- to deliver the absolute best in quality and performance in…
Allons, Tennessee
Angel Danchev
Plovdiv, Bulgaria
My name is Angel Danchev, Filmmaker/Director based in Bulgaria. Worked in Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Germany on all kind of projects in different positions. Sebastian Steudtner, RedBull, BMW, LAB42 Films are some of my clients that I worked in the past year. No matter if it's…
Vito Visconti
Miami Beach, Florida
I am 26, i worked with my brain for the past 10 years with computers, softwares and corporates. Now is time for me to work with my face and improve my public presence. I am bare ambition.
Erick Lee
Citrus Heights, California
I have a decade of professional experience producing, shooting, editing, conceptualizing and directing video. I also have experience as AC and 2nd AC in the camera department and am FAA certified as an unmanned aerial pilot.
Motion Media
Cape Coral, Florida
Realty 3D® is a proprietary technology for presenting video home tours to potential buyers and sellers as a unique theatrical experience in 2D or stereoscopic 3D. Digital imaging technologies like time lapse, high dynamic range (HDR), panoramic imagery, stereographic 3D, unmanned aerial vehicles…
Aliens and Machines, LLC
Redondo Beach, California
Aliens and Machines, LLC offers aerial filming services with the use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), also known as drones. As the drone technology advances, it has been proven as one of the best camera platforms when looking to create dynamic camera angles and movements, and more economical…
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