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Luke Whitehead
Phoenix, Arizona
I am an award winning videographer, editor, and producer with 13 years of professional experience producing TV commercial spots, corporate and marketing videos, and content for social media. I am a very quick learner, a good problem solver, and I have great computer skills on both PC and Mac…
San Jose, California
Video Marketing and video production company based in Phoenix, Arizona, we offer variety of services, from production to post production, motion graphics, editing, photoshoot and anything in between.
Wesley Righetti
Scottsdale, Arizona
Wesley Righetti is a Cinematographer based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Inspired by the visual storytelling of artists such as David Fincher, Roger Deakins, and Bradford Young, Wesley is passionate about creating visually striking images that deliver a strong emotional impact. Wesley’s focus is in…
888-462-7808 [production@beverlyboy.com] Yes, we are Tallahassee's go-to-guys, and proud of it! We're the Ad Agencies’ Best Kept Secret, small-to-medium size businesses’ best friend, and other production companies’ silent partner. 5D, C300, FS7, RED series, C100, F55, and Arri Alexa. We love what…
Primus Visuals
Boise, Idaho
Primus Visuals is a visual media production company focusing primarily on professional video production, including aerial and professional photography. We produce visual media to help give you the platform to dominate in the marketplace, increase your revenue, impress your customers, enhance your…
Daniel Lapham
Harrah, Oklahoma
I am an award winning videographer and field audio tech. I have worked in journalism, television and documentary production for 11 years. I regularly work as a sound guy for NBC's Today Show, Nightly News, Weather Channel and ABC. I have worked as field audio for the Netflix Orginal Captive. I…
Anthony Garrido
Phoenix, Arizona
Over the span of the last 12 years I have contributed my time and effort's on many projects ranging from cinema to broadcast television. ENG, EFP, Documentaries, movies, music videos and live events are all areas of production that I have acquired experience in. I have been blessed with the…
Banner Collective
Phoenix, Arizona
Banner Collective is a sports-focused digital production company. We concept, shoot, edit, and animate for major properties including the Cubs, Blackhawks, Louisville Slugger, Bulls, Gatorade and Wilson Sporting Goods. Banner's skills cover the spectrum of video production to deliver works in…
Summitstar Films
Phoenix, Arizona
Summitstar Films is a full service video production company. We offer video production services, equipment rental, crew services as well as development and post production services. We offer rental of camera equipment, audio equipment, lighting equipment, grip & electric equipment and post…
OrangeScreen Productions
Phoenix, Arizona
OrangeScreen Productions has been in the story telling business since 2004. We have the experience to take on large projects on the production and post production side. From TV commercials to full length documentaries, and corporate videos, we provide reliable, trusted, high quality services to…
Skyline Productions, Inc
Phoenix, Arizona
Full Service HD Production Facility providing services in the Arizona, domestically and Internationally. Camera and an HD Production Truck, Audio, Graphics, Final Cut Editing are just some of the services we provide. Your HD Production Facility
Noble Studios
Scottsdale, Arizona
Corporate Video Production Specialists in Scottsdale, AZ. We cater to those searching for a team member to help them reach an end goal through video. From scripting to finishing, training dvds, testimonials, commercials, and much more, our experience and conciliation will leave you satisfied and…
Jack Schwitz
Phoenix, Arizona
I consider myself a displaced New Yorker living in the Sonoran Desert that specializes in video production.  I'm a DP or camera owner / operator,  But I am also a competent editor and can coordinate any pre-production needs as well. So, I took all that experience and knowledge and formed an LLC to…
Phoenix, Arizona
Experienced owner/operator. Extensive lighting package. Great eye and attention to detail. National and international experience. Fully staffed for any scenario - from 2 person crew to Producer/Director/DP/LD positions. Se habla español.
Aaron Hudson
Glendale, Arizona
Visual Storyteller with nearly two decades of experience in all facets of video production - from writing to shooting to directing to editing and marketing.
WildVisions, Inc.
Phoenix, Arizona
Michael Pellegatti operates a full service video production company with over 25 years experience in network, sports, documentary, interviews, and corporate productions for local, national, and international. Clients have included ESPN, NBC, ABC, PBS, and Producers for the Disney Channel, Discovery…
Southwest Camera, LLC
Austin, Texas
We are a freelance camera crew with over 15 years of broadcast reality, ENG, EFP, and corporate experience. We have multiple cameras in house to meet a variety of production demands as well as full audio, lighting, and grip.
Shadai Perez
Tyler, Texas
I own a production company in Tyler Texas. I am a director-producer, Director of Photography, Drone OP, Editor and more. I understand and work in all facets of production from pre-production and pre-visualization to production and post. Camera experience: Full Canon Cinema C200mii C300mii…
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