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Fusion Television
Toronto, Ontario
Fusion Television has produced more than 700 hours of hit lifestyle television productions, distributed in more than 160 countries around the world. Our mission is to deliver exciting and engaging long-running lifestyle television series that inspire and elevate an increasingly savvy viewing…
Planet in Focus
Toronto, Ontario
Since 1999, Planet in Focus has been producing Canada's preeminent international environmental film and video festival. We have been promoting environmental artistic expression in the form of film, video and new media to frame and explore environmental and ecological issues as a catalyst for…
Vince Racanelli
North York, Ontario
I am a freelance Editor looking for work. If you would like to contact me, my email is vinceracanelli@hotmail.com. Further contact information can be requested through email. Hi, my name is Vince Racanelli. I am currently studying at York University, working toward the Film Production program.…
Russell Gienapp
Toronto, Ontario
** Offering remote film production during the Covid-19 pandemic ** Experienced in a number of production approaches that are Covid-19 compliant. I can help you make content during the pandemic with studio shoots (both green screen and set builds), remote directed interviews over zoom, in house…
Bell Prod.
Monrovia, California
Office rentals for production in Mission Junction, near downtown LA, virtual tour and more information is available at our website. Thanks!
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