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DCB Camera Crane, LLC
Gainesville, Virginia
DCB Camera Crane is company founded on a singular vision: To provide the highest quality Jibs as well as the most creative, professional, and reliable operators and assistants. We are set up to handle just about any camera system and any size production in just about any location. Our rates are…
Camera Crane Specialists
Evanston, Illinois
We house the largest selection of Jibs Cranes and Remote Heads as well as specialty support equipment in the Midwest, including the only TechnoCranes in the area. We work with the biggest budget feature films all the way down to student projects, and have more expeience than anyone since all we do…
Hutch Crane
Dallas, Texas
Hutch is an award winning Director of Photography in Dallas Texas. His most recent projects include "1985" directed by Yen Tan, "Some Beasts" (winner of Special Jury Prize for Cinematography at DIFF) directed by Cameron Nelson, and "Minor Setback" directed by Augustine Frizzell.
Southern Crane Syndicate
Atlanta, Georgia
2 Jimmy jibs 30ft and 24ft. Excellent operators & technicians! Jibs can be built anywhere from 9ft-30ft in 3 ft increments to fit your needs. Full remote heads. Small base for small venues. Large stable base for outdoor and large cranes.
Paper Crane Cinema Co.
Louisville, Kentucky
Paper Crane Cinema Co. is a small team of visual artists who specialize in crafting targeted films that showcase the heart of businesses, organizations, and individuals worldwide. By utilizing powerful, expertly crafted video, we lead your clients past a surface level audiovisual experience and…
Southeast Camera Cranes
Miami, Florida
Southeast Camera Cranes proudly rents the Scorpio 23’ Telescopic Camera Crane. It combines all the best attributes of a camera dolly, camera crane & camera jib to create the most beautiful & compelling camera footage possible. The Scorpio 23 has advanced features beyond that of a Technocrane /…
Heartland Camera Jibs, Inc
Indianapolis, Indiana
High end production without the high end cost. Heartland Camera Jibs is a versatile production service company from Indianapolis, Indiana. We serve the midwest with rolling, tilting, panning, and flying camera shots. Clients include ESPN, TLC, Lifetime, Discovery Studios, Schweet Entertainment,…
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