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Sarah Fisher
Alexandria, Virginia
I have over 17 years experience working in video production and am highly capable of editing your testimonial video footage. I have directed, filmed, and edited hundreds of hours of footage for a wide range of industries: educational, creative, non-profit, corporate, and independent. My previous…
Stephen whittenburg
Alexandria, Kentucky
I am a photographer, videographer, and editor located in Cincinnati, Ohio. I received my BFA in Electronic Media and minor in English Literature from the University of Cincinnati. I am passionate about using media as a relatable vehicle to share information that transports viewers into narratives…
Devin Johnson
Alexandria, Virginia
Consistenly surpassing expectations, DevinJMedia brings to the table that sought after, "industry look", keeping brands competitive for the best value. From commercials, music videos, to short films, DevinJMedia has lived up to his track record attaining the trust and business from major…
Jeffrey Flitter
Alexandria, Virginia
I am a video editor with experience using AVID, Premiere, Adobe Suites, Final Cut, and more to create compelling and captivating stories through film. I am interested in working in video production and using my skills to continue telling more stories to captivate an audience. I have worked as an…
Jerome Vorus
Alexandria, Virginia
I am a talented and creative video production professional with the proven ability to capture engaging video, operate complex broadcast equipment, and manage various aspects of production. Experienced in roles of camera operator, tele-prompter operator, transmissions operator, master control…
Abdallah Omran
Alexandria Based Cinematographer/ DOP. The time I'm not filming, I'm taking Creative pictures. Video Producer in my Career life & Awesomeness is my tittle in my personal life. Creative Post production for big brands, Public speaker & Film-making Instructor.
Alexandria, Egypt
An independent film house and a self funded initiative that supports emerging independent filmmakers in Alexandria, Egypt. It is producing and co-producing a handful of diverse films that are currently going through different production phases. It also provides photography, pre-production and…
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