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Detroit Camera Car
Royal Oak, Michigan
We are the only Michigan based Motocrane Ultra team (in fact, we have #001, a worldwide distinction we hold with pride). Being the first and the only local is not enough, we are also the only Michigan camera arm option with a Shotover G1 head. We can rig anything with 4 wheels to become the…
Midwest Camera Car
Chicago, Illinois
ML55 Mercedes high speed chase car. Outfitted with an intercom system, monitors, crane ready. We operate Filmotechnic's Russian Arm and Flight Head. Check out our website for more details. 2001 Chevy Silverado Insert Car - QUIET 100 amp crystal controlled power plant - 2" aluminum tubing…
Camera car w/200 amp generator. Process trailer-dropped tow dolly.
Picture Car Warehouse
Northridge, California
Offering a vast fleet of vehicles, from police cars, emergency vehicles, large trucks, muscle cars, period cars, ND cars, to many custom-built vehicles. Picture Car Warehouse houses everything necessary to make vehicle requirements the easiest, most efficient part of any production. Located in…
Specialty Car Locators
Valencia, California
No description
WHEELS Picture Car Agency
San Francisco, California
WHEELS provides all kinds of picture cars and prop vehicles for producers, art directors, prop stylists, photographers, and event planners working in Northern California. Take a look at the WHEELS website to see some of the 900+ vehicles on file: www.WHEELS-Cars-for-Film.com
Chase Dugas
Lafayette, Louisiana
I am an up and coming stunt performer/stuntman. I have been professionally trained by Michael Long and Shelby Swatek at L.A. Stunts Training Center. I have experience in High Falls, Low Falls, Stunt Tumbling, Wire Work, Air Ram, Car Hits, Fighting for Camera, Ratchets, Fireburns, Firearm Handling…
Chase Webster
Mobile, Alabama
I am a young, passionate, and diligent videographer. I posses strong shooting and editing skills in video and photography. Beyond video I know a little web and graphic design. I work hard to give my clients the best video possible and as a result I have been awarded the 2013 Lantern Award for…
Chase Ryan Friedman
Los Angeles, California
A little bit about me... I am a multifaceted writer-director-producer, having cultivated my craft in a gamut of genres and formats over the past 8 years. With a foundation in digital film-making and the digital post-production workflow, I strive to push the boundaries of storytelling amidst long &…
Location Nation, INC
New York, New York
Full service Locations Company for Commercial photography and film proudly serving New York, New Jersey and the surrounding areas for over 10 years. We are well versed in Pyrotechnics and Stunts, as well as permitting procedures. Our experienced and friendly staff are familiar with Driving shots…
Motion House / Jersey Jibs
Monroeville, New Jersey
MOTION HOUSE / JERSEY JIBS - Purveyors of Dynamic Camera Motion using our arsenal of Camera Motion Equipment and Vehicles. They include Camera Chase Car (Ultra Arm & Black Arm equipped), Electric UTV & Bike, Movi XL & Pro, Lo-Mo (stabilized RC camera vehicle), Scorpius ( ATV Camera Vehicle) and…
Riga, Latvia
Picture vehicle manufacturing and rent. The Dictatar, Die Hard 5, and some TV series. We are creating armored, spy, villain, presidential, gangsta, police, miltary cars for movies.
Nicholas Toby
Half Moon Bay, California
Growing up in a small town all I could think about was leaving and when I got the opportunity to go to college in New York City I jumped at it. After 8 year and moving 14 different times all I could think about was moving back to the quite of my home town. I like the big city life and enjoy the…
Filmotechnic USA - Florida
Orlando, Florida
Over the past 25 years Filmotechnic USA has been an industry leader in the field of professional remote camera systems. Providing the most reliable gyro stabilized heads, camera cars, and the Sci-Tech Academy Award-winning Russian Arm, Filmotechnic is the original in this industry and established…
Mike DelGado
Tampa, Florida
From Classics to unique , quirky or just your regular daily used car, we have it all available for your production needs. We can provide transportation any where in the country, no job its too small from 1 hour to a month, feel free to contact us with any special requests.
Speed Patrol
Carrollton, Texas
A Texas based Camera Car company. Motocrane Ultra owners. We are Cinematographers with a passion for the automotive industry. We have a purpose built Lancer Evo 8 Capable of going 100mph+ with the arm and camera rigged out. We are based in Dallas, TX and can travel with our Evo 8 Camera car or fly…
PowerPortal Productions
Hackettstown, New Jersey
PowerPortal Productions is a highly respected provider of Movie Vehicles to the cinematic, print and advertising medias. With ten years in the industry we produce everything from daily drivers to exotics, military, specialty, mass transportation, medical, legal and the completely unusual. Never…
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