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The Wall Productions
Birmingham, Michigan
THE WALL PRODUCTIONS is a full service production agency specializing in all mediums - print/photo, video, tv, and film. NO project is too big... Nor too small. With almost two decades of expertise, the agency offers a wide range of services, including, but not limited to... catalog costs…
Acclaim Legal Services
Dearborn, Michigan
Avail long term benefits by choosing Aacclaimlegalservices.com. Services like assets safe, remove a second mortgage, improve credit, and gain added freedom and flexibility or many more.
In addition to being a full service CPA firm providing tax and accounting assistance, we provide consulting and cost certification audit services to productions in order to qualify for the Michigan Film Incentives. With a 30% to 42% tax credit available in Michigan, why film your project anywhere…
Macrae Stone
Detroit, Michigan
Independent videographer versed in commercial, documentary, and narrative styles. Passionate, knowledgeable, and team driven, I stand for projects with cathartic goals for their communities. I incubate strong communication, follow quality standards, and bring a positive attitude to my work ethic.…
Zak Kareem - Director
Troy, Michigan
16-year professional specializing in all forms of content creation, strategic communication, and visual storytelling of Film/Digital/TVC/Social Media platforms. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Film from Wayne State University and actively working on my Master of Arts in Strategic Communication’s…
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