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Seth Ligatich
Portland, Oregon
Hi there! I am a Onset DIT/Media manager, with an Editor twist! I specialize in project setup, playback, management and on set dailies workflow. I have worked for major studios and local production companies alike, and am always prepared and willing to travel to suit production needs.
Ryan Liebert
Los Angeles, California
I tell stories through fluid rhythmic visual movement mixed with sound and paced for effect. It doesn't matter if the story is :30 seconds or 90 minutes. Emotion trumps all.
Mira Mladenova
Sofia, Bulgaria
A video specialist with over 9 years of experience in all aspects of video production, highly passionate about developing my career in the field of Post-production. It was 2008 when my career started in TV production like Video Editor. In 2014th I've joined a Worldwide FX's team in a world of…
Fatih Öger
Vienna, Austria
Experienced Post Production Manager, Editor, and Colorist with a demonstrated history of working in the broadcast media industry. Skilled in Post Production, Commercial, Music Videos, Camera, Film, and Documentaries. Strong operations professional with a Master's degree focused in cinema and…
John Victor
Tampa, Florida
After being laid off from a comfortable ad agency position, I decided to make the jump back into the production work I started years ago. With a foundation in photography I charged ahead, however technology changed, and with it the landscape of the industry. The speed at which new technology was…
Dartanyon Race
Seattle, Washington
I'm an experienced DIT, loader, and media manager. I've been working commercial sets for the last 10 years and providing digi -tech services to still shoots for the decade before that. Familiarity with Arri, RED, Sony & DSLR work flows. I've been pulled into acting as an AC, doing VTR work, and…
Josh Johnson
Lakewood, Colorado
I'm new to the industry and seeking freelance work in the camera department. I worked on two short films as a PA last year and would love to break into full time freelancing in 2019. When I'm not on the job, I can be found roaming gravel roads in the West in my 1994 SunLite pickup camper, taking…
David Root
Manhattan, New York
I am a video editor with over five years of experience creating narrative entertainment and commercial content across multiple platforms and mediums from ingest all the way to finishing. In addition to editing, I also have a strong background in camera departments working as an Assistant Camera and…
Kasey Bates
Los Angeles, California
I'm a freelancer with experience in both production and post. I've worked the past 4 years for low budget films as well as big network television shows, filling rolls from production assistant work to media management and DIT jobs. I have a masters in Media Arts from the University of South…
Camille Hyppolite
Queens, New York
Dear Hiring Manager: The exciting opportunity to join your company as a digital media planner is a definite match for my experience and education. Being resourceful and a team player my experience at both JM Rodgers and The Corcoran Group assisting the VP of each company in data input,…
Deiatra Smith
Long Beach, California
CORE STRENGTHS - Skilled in identifying tasks and following through completion. - Well organized with strengths in handling multiple responsibilities in a fast-paced environment with critical deadlines. - Possesses excellent verbal and written communication skills. - Learns quickly and enjoys…
Noelle Branch
Lawndale, California
I am a person who is adamant about working in the entertainment industry EDUCATION Columbia College Chicago, Chicago, IL Graduated May 2007 Bachelor of Arts, Broadcast…
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