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Three Studio Team
Tucson, Arizona
Creating full 8 - 24 page comic books or animated cartoons. Part of a full team. This is a worldwide service. Comic books/Mangas Style is marvel, traditional or anime Animations Style is like cartoon network like Ben10 or PBS animations
Tucson, Arizona
3DogDigitalDesign is a small independent animation and computer graphics studio. We have state of the art software and 25 years of experience in the field. We create content for a wide spectrum of applications.
Peter Althoff
Tucson, Arizona
A post production specialist, with a background in compositing live action and CG. Self starter, looking for an opportunity to put my creative problem solving skills into action. Experienced with instructional media and education using 3d motion graphics for visual communication. Interested in the…
The Art Depart
Tucson, Arizona
This is your one stop solution for your small to large business technical department. We can handle everything from 3D animation, for demonstration to pro-production; Server and Computer building and Maintenance for small and large; Website design from database, eCommerce to the basics. We will…
Frederick Van Norman
Tucson/Phoenix/Northern AZ, Arizona
Creative Editor/Videographer/Audio
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