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New Crime Productions
Venice, California
No description
Raul Zahir De Leon
Washington, District of Columbia
A video editor, colorist, shooter, and producer based in Washington, DC but flexible to travel. More than 10 years creating non-fiction, true crime, arts and culture focused content for television, film and digital.
Dr. Maurice Godwin
Fayetteville, North Carolina
I am Dr. Maurice Godwin. I run my own forensic consultancy firm in North Carolina; my expert areas are serial killers, criminal profiling and crime scene investigations. If you want to get your script and/or film factually accurate when it comes to serial killers, criminal profiling or crime…
Chris Tasara
Las Vegas, Nevada
Clients: Nike, Pepsi, Heineken, Men's Exercise, TIGI (talent work) Apple, Amazon, Hulu, Verizon, Time Warner, Cox, Comcast, Charter, AT&T (broadcast) Nickelodeon (soundtrack) Film Work: Deadline (feature film written and directed by) Fortitude and Glory: Angelo Dundee and His…
Arthur Varkvasov
Nalchik, Russia
Hi! My name is Arthur Varkvasov, I am a professional composer, arranger and musician for Film, TV and Games. Visit my Official Website - there are my credits, video and many music of different genres.
Johnny Derango
Los Angeles, California
Johnny Derango - Director of Photography, *ICG For nearly 20 years, Johnny Derango has established himself as a talented, respected and sought-after cinematographer. In his many endeavors as a director of photography, as well as a producer, Johnny strives to tell each story truthfully, with…
Adrian Collins
Los Angeles, California
Screenwriter of two feature length screenplays, both true crime suspense thrillers and, stage read at the Strasberg Theater. The first: "The Carriage House". Director of the Teaser for the second script "Idyllwild - Under the Spirit of Tahquitz."
Uriah Herr
Hollywood, California
Uriah's passion is not just in the final product, but the process that leads there. He combines a clear vision with a collaborative nature to deliver a workflow that is both pleasant and efficient. Years of experience as an Art Director translate directly to the screen through color, composition…
Rex Short
Knoxville, Tennessee
Experienced DP, Camera Operator and Director, specializing in true crime recreations and documentary style productions.
Elmer Santiago
Bronx, New York
Global Operation
Toluca Lake, California
The most compelling, hard-hitting crime drama on the web.
Joan Ruppert
Chicago, Illinois
Seasoned, resourceful, rock-solid story producer/field producer/director. Tight stringouts and on-target VO creation. Expert interviewer. Documentary, historical re-creations, lifestyle, home reno, food, travel, reality, true crime. Broadcast and corporate credits. PLEASE VISIT MY WEBSITE for…
Karl Sonnenberg
Los Angeles, California
Karl Sonnenberg is a 14 year veteran of the Los Angeles County Sheriff''s Department. Police tactics, building entry, covert surveillance, audio/video forensics, crime scene forensics, jail SOP, court room procedure. Karl also has experience in the medical field as a surgical technician and…
Robert Wise
Pasadena, California
I have been working as a director/ producer for more than 20 years. Most recently I was the EP/ Show runner on two of ID's most popular shows: Unusual Suspects and Killer Confessions.
Divi Crockett
New York, New York
LINE PRODUCER/AP/UPM EXPERIENCE Eye of Winter, Polyweb Inc. filmed in Windham, NY starring Bryan Cranston and Alice Eve The Moment, Momentous LLC filmed in Los Angeles, CA starring Jennifer Jason Leigh and Alia Shawkat Fabric of the Cosmos Series, PBS NOVA, UPM TV series-NY,…
Brian Lavallie
San Diego, California
Pursuing production of feature narrative crime drama in san diego, titled: 'Concussion'. Near to a production schedule.
Wesley Fenderson
Lancaster, California
MFA Screenwriting December 2012 Production Assistant Experience SAG Elig Actor Crime Consultant on Set
Joan Noble Pinkham
Kensington, New Hampshire
Writer: Crime, Short Stories. Formerly (10 years ago) Pinkham Literary Agency. Moved to New Hampshire to write and publish books.
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