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Shanghai, China
ENERGIZE is a creative agency with digital DNA, based in Amsterdam and Shanghai, focusing on marketing campaigns that support brands in China with retail activation, either in physical stores or e-commerce. The marketing campaigns we develop for our clients earn the attention of consumers on…
Qiushi Yu
Beijing, China
L.A based Filmmaker. He speaks English and Chinese. Most importantly, check out his work, you may like it. yuqiushi.com Gears: RED Epic 6K, ARRI ALEXA MINI, MoVI PRO, MoVI MIMIC, SmallHD 702 Lite, SmallHD 502, Bolt PRO 300 Wireless 3G - SDI System,
Beijing, China
eyeDooH, is an OFFSHORE content creation service for DOOH. eyeDooH is a highly-specialized service mainly focusing on content repurposing, raw material editing, simple DOOH content creation as well as DOOH-channel template assembly. We can handle your repetitive and basic content creations with…
LCD DID Video wall, LCD CCTV Monitors for security surveillance. LCD Digital signage, LCD KIOSKS for multi-media. Touch screen LCD All in one PC TV for conference meeting and class teaching.
Skyzone Le Group
Shanghai, China
Skyzone Le Group is an intercultural Marketing Communication company well established in China. Our multimedia in-house production agency delivers inspirational creative products through three main services: video production, graphic design and digital services. Taking up challenges and…
Shenzhen, China
GTEK breif Introduction: The global leader of LED curtain displays with the longest history of LED Display manufacturing in China - a military enterprise was incorporated in 1991 with the highest standard quality controll in China The top 3 led curtain/display supplier to USA for past 3 years…
Vivian Lin
Shanghai, China
Digital media producer with over 6 years’ experience creating original digital content, capitalizing on emerging industry trends, and providing media solutions for international brands and creative agencies.
Nanjing, China
many AAA Blockbusters such as UFC 2011, Uncharted 3, Saint’s Row 3, Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines, Lord of the Rings: Online
Redgate Rentals China
Beijing, China
Redgate is China's premier digital cinema camera rental house. Located in Beijing we cater to the domestic and international film and TV industry. Camera inventory includes: EPIC, RED MX, ALEXA, PHANTOM, DLSR, etc.
Yuan Tian
Shanghai, China
I am a strong communicator, able to work with individuals or groups of people. I am extremely hard working and organised ensuring that any project I undertake is completed to the best of my ability and on time. I am a strong lateral thinker who is both capable of taking instructions and completing…
Video/Audio Production and Post for Film, TV, Industry, Exhibitions and Commercials. Motion Graphics, Creative Advertising and Video Mapping
Beijing, China
Email:jerry@btvs.cn, Tel:0086 10 133 011 66488,EFP / ENG / Camera Crew in Beijing, China,Our wide range of services and our comprehensive line of equipment, lights, grip and studios are available for hire, and can be completely tailor-made solutions that are quickly arranged. BTVS will help you…
KO.Media (China)
Beijing, China
Alexa Studio, Alexa M, Alexa Plus 4:3, Rental house in Beijing, China. KOMEDIA - Beijing based digital rental house and camera support company. We are committed to the craft of cinematography and we are providing high end equipment that will help you to achieve the best possible images.
G2 Studio
Beijing, China
G2 Studio offers a wide range of audio and video services covering every step of the process, from pre to post-production. We help foreign & Chinese companies produce and manage their project in China. In addition to the actual production of the videos, we can write and direct the material needed…
Bedazzled Pictures
Beijing, China
Bedazzled Pictures, offer full production services for Film, TV, the Web and the Corporate sector. No job is too big or too small for us. We always deliver the same quality services and focus on content to make sure that your message gets across in the most effective and original form. Rest assured…
JQK Production
Beijing, China
we are a Beijing based production house working mostly in TV advertising but also in documentary, short film, and any video production. in house staff: 5 directors (2 international award winning) 2 DoP 4 producers 2 editors 1 VFX specialist 3-4 support staff at any time we can handle full…
Obscure Productions
Beijing, China
Obscure Productions is founded to make international films, especially within the China market. Few foreign filmmakers can successfully take advantage of the cost savings in China or can produce stories that resonate within the Chinese culture. We aid film makers in making Chinese films that are…
Joa Czogalla
Shanghai, China
Camera Crew China/Asia & Production Service Shanghai Joa Czogalla is a German Director of Photography, directing cameraman and Steadicam operator who specializes in documentary, TV commercial, science/educational TV program and corporate work. With over 20 years experience as a freelance film…
Luxa Studio
Beijing, China
Luxa Studio is a boutique Studio of Visual Effects. Our aim is to offer cost effective solutions in Post Production for the Special Effects and Film Industry. With over 10 years of experience, we are able to provide professional services such as Pre & Post Production, VFX, 2D and 3D Animation…
Gert Kombate
Shanghai, China
Shanghai based Director of Photography and Producer and co-founder of the production house CCCFilms. Specializes in Feature Films, Documentaries, & Television / Web content. Fluent in English, French and Mandarin for any production across China or Hong Kong. - Owner operator of Red Epic, Canon…
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