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Soi Dog Productions
Los Angeles, California
Soi Dog Productions is a Los Angeles based, worldwide capable, boutique marketing firm and video production house. Past projects have included national television adverts, short form mobile videos, social media deployed animations, compliance / training videos, educational documentaries, and live…
Mama Dog Studios
Oakland, California
Built in a completely refurbished 1950’s warehouse, Mama Dog Studios is designed for creative professionals who demand a great client experience and technical performance. With over 4,000sq ft of production space Mama Dog Studios has a large black-out sound stage complete with dedicated power, SDI…
Dog House Audio
Hollywood, California
Dog House Audio is your one stop for all audio services. Handling everything from Post to production, live sound, to composing mixing and layback. All or engineers are qualified to offer the best possible customer service as well as best product possible for your budget. Feel free to contact at any…
Stray Dog Film Llc
Oxnard, California
STRAY DOG FILM LLC produces cutting edge, socially conscious, progressive, culturally diverse, award winning, independent films. Our films have been seen by audiences around the world through theatrical, television, digital release and participation in every major film festival on the globe. As…
Dog Haus Catering
Hollywood, California
We are a comprehensive catering and craft service company specializing in both American and international cuisine. Our menus are prepared by widely regarded Gourmet international Chef Suzay Cha from award winning Cicada Restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles. At Dog Haus, we are experienced to…
Skippy Dog Productions
Encino, California
No description
Dog Bite Productions
Los Angeles, California
We specialize in Electronic Field Production (EFP).betacam SP, HD with Audio Crews. We offer a complete satellite truck with streaming capabilities. We also have a complete studio including Green Screen for putting you right in the middle of the action. To find out more, call us today!
Angel Dog Entertainment
Los Angeles, California
Don't spend a fortune renting cranes, stabilizers, dollies, and car mounts. Build your own for a fraction of the cost. We'll show you how!
Red Dog Post & Design
Los Angeles, California
language dubbing | translation | subtitling | adaption | closed-captioning | On-line editing and video finishing Compositing 2D and 3D animation Visual effects Motion graphics DVD authoring and encoding Real time on-line video collaboration Cool place to hang!
Tall Dog Productions
San Diego, California
Jeff Simmons is an award-winning photojournalist whose career spans over twenty-five years. Story assignments have taken him across the nation and throughout the world-- from helicopters in the jungles of Bolivia to sunken wrecks deep in the Atlantic. Shooting is not just a job for him, it is his…
WR Hot Dog,Catering & Craft Service Hello and Welcome to WR Hot Dog And Catering . We are located in Burbank,CA and we have been providing our services for over 5 years now From or Gourmet Sausages to our Full Service Craft Service you will be pleased with our 5 * service!
All Animal Actors International
Los Angeles, California
Animal Actors for movies, commercials, print, live performance. Lions, Tigers, Bears, Chimps, Cats, Dogs, Birds. All animal actors. Animal Talent Agency, dog actors, cat actors, horses, all animals
Wildside Unlimited
San Diego, California
Wildside Unlimited has been in the animal training/film industry for over 20 years. We have provided trained animals for numerous feature films, TV commercials, photo shoots and music videos. Throughout the industry we have partnered with hard working talented professionals to ensure a wide…
Benay's Bird & Animal Source
Tarzana, California
Benay's Bird & Animal Rentals have been providing professionally trained birds and animals for the Entertainment Industry since 1987. In addition to our compound with over 200 birds and animals-we also work with other trainers, animal companies, zoos, breeders and parks in California and around…
Tug Dogs
Sacramento, California
Professional dog training services including dogs trained for all types of media
Tiny Talent
Hollywood, California
We provide talented, dynamic Chihuahua’s for work in film, television, print, promotions, commercials, calendars, photo shoots, stage productions, education and advertising campaigns. We understand time is money and have extensive experience training animals. Your business adventure will be…
Puppy Love Dogs
Sacramento, California
Puppy Love Dogs offers fully trained dogs in the United States and Canada for productions of all sizes. Our dog are trained in a wide variety of activities including protection (bitework) highly advanced obedience, and beyond. We have access to just about every breed of dog. We are USDA…
Moho Productions, LLC
Van Nuys, California
A full service music composing, songwriting production house. Music supervision. Film credits include Gabe The Cupid Dog, Cinnamon, Diary Of An Ex Child Star, The Dog Who Saved Christmas I and II (ABC Family), Nanny For Christmas (Lifetime), Super Southern Sweet Sixteen, Miss Castaway, Paper Thin…
Bone Room, The
Berkeley, California
Discover ancient fossils, marvelous casts, numerous wonders from the animal and insect kingdoms along side exotic gifts from around the world. We strive to carry one of the largest collections of bones and animal remnants in the world, and make them available to you.
Bernie Mailberg
Acampo, California
Pigeon wrangler
Mike Boyle Ranches
Simi Valley, California
Livestock & trick horses
Hollywood Animals
Los Angeles, California
Any animal you want is available for your film production. If we don''t have what you need, we will find it for you. For over 30 years we have dedicated ourselves to polishing and cultivating long standing relationships with trustworthy and professional animal sources worldwideAnimal Health &…
Brian McMillan's Walking With Lions
Los Angeles, California
Specializing in trained lions. A working pride of 14 lions and lionesses and a beautiful white lions. Available for Films, Advertising, Live Events, Fairs and Circus. Professional stunt men and women. International permits for worldwide travel.
MJ Gardner
Los Angeles, California
TV Comedy Writer. Contact for more info.
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