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Zachary Strohfus
Scottsdale, Arizona
I am a recent graduate in Media Production and currently looking for a position with a production company or similar media outlet.
David Jantunen
Scottsdale, Arizona
David Jantunen is an audio engineer and video editor with over eight years of experience in the post-production industry. He also works in mixing and music production, with a special affinity for art rock and world music genres. Using unconventional effects chain techniques, David plays the…
Ron Sussman
Scottsdale, Arizona
E D I T O R / D I R E C T O R / P O S T - P R O D U C T I ON S U P E R V I S OR Creative storytelling, combined with extensive technical expertise in all areas of production and post-production, working with a range of content including commercials, television, corporate video and overall…
Richard Farmer
Scottsdale, Arizona
I'm a creative problem solving editor with experience in editing independent narratives, web series, music videos, demo reels and documentaries. I work in Avid, Final Cut Pro , Adobe Premiere and After Effects.
Peter Hemphill
Scottsdale, Arizona
I'm a Visual Effects and Video Editor. I graduated with a BA in Digital Video Production with an emphasis in Visual Effects and Video Editing; I graduated second in my class. I work proficiently with Adobe CS5 Master edition. I excell in Premier Pro, After Effects and Photoshop; along with Final…
Joseph Duerst
Scottsdale, Arizona
With 10 years professional experience in television and film production, Joseph Duerst is a young and dynamic, award-winning visionary, whose creative productions have ranged from films and music videos to commercial production and reality television. Joe brings his creative ability and his…
Sam Sonenschein
Scottsdale, Arizona
Currently living in Scottsdale, Arizona, I am a recent ASU graduate with a degree in Filmmaking Practices and a certificate in Entertainment and Technology.
Wil Christ Productions
Scottsdale, Arizona
An Independent Film Company... From script to screen and everything in between!
Loren Davis
Scottsdale, Arizona
5+ Years of combined Production and Post Production experience. I am self-starter and understand the value of time. I can push to meet deadlines and maintain focus while under pressure. My objective is to obtain a position within Production Crew where I feel that my talents, skills and…
Robert Mayfield
Scottsdale, Arizona
Video production and presentation service company in Scottsdale, Arizona. I specialize in full service video production needs. From script to screen, I can write, shoot, edit, and deliver high-quality, high-definition videos that exceed your needs. I also specialize in creating high-quality and…
Rick Walker
Scottsdale, Arizona
Videographer, Editor, Director, Producer, Writer of feature films, business videos, website videos, music videos, TV commercials, infomercials and more!
Tony and Max: HD Video Production
Scottsdale, Arizona
We are Tony and Max, LLC: Arizona based cinematographers. Not in Arizona? We travel or are willing to edit your preexisting footage remotely. Production: Canon DSLRs Post-production: Final Cut Pro X
Stronz Vanderploeg
Scottsdale, Arizona
Cinematographer, Camera Op. and Editor
Kurt Jensen
Scottsdale, Arizona
Video Production guru.
Brandon Clark
Scottsdale, Arizona
I'm an avid technology enthusiast and I'm passionate about anything computer, graphics design, or special FX related. I'm the type of person that will be persistent and stick with the problem until I find a solution. I enjoy using the Adobe Creative Suite along with Maya, and Syntheyes to make…
Doug Guevara
Scottsdale, Arizona
Aspiring Musician, Composer, Sound Designer, Producer, and Audio Engineer. I am very committed to music, sound design, audio production/engineering and film. I am looking to make connections with professionals in the field. My experience and knowledge of production topics is vast and am willing…
Green Rabbit Design Studio, Inc
Scottsdale, Arizona
Jenelle Bonifield is the art director, creative director, & Motion Graphics designer. Green Rabbit utilizes the talents of various contractors for projects demanding larger volumes of work. She hand picks the artists to best meet the project requirements. Software applications include Motion,…
April Atwood
Scottsdale, Arizona
Screenwriter. OBJECTIVE To obtain a position as a Script Reader; while utilizing strong work ethic, innovative ideas and resourcefulness within a deadline-driven environment. SKILLS & ACHIEVEMENTS • Highly organized and detail oriented in valuable data collection and research…
Standing Wave Music – “It’s not the toys, it’s the ears” Intimate Scottsdale recording studio for discerning artists. Twenty years experience producing, engineering and mixing great projects. In terms of post production for film, recently Greg has produced his own documentary, and completed…
Joshua Heller
Surprise, Arizona
Freelance Final Cut Pro editor in the Phoenix area. I have experience in the full gamut of TV production. I mainly edit, but I also shoot, light, produce and direct. I am well versed in Photoshop and After Effects as well as Motion, Live Type, DVD Studio Pro and Soundtrack Pro. I also have…
Luke Whitehead
Phoenix, Arizona
I am an award winning videographer, editor, and producer with 13 years of professional experience producing TV commercial spots, corporate and marketing videos, and content for social media. I am a very quick learner, a good problem solver, and I have great computer skills on both PC and Mac…
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