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Sofia, Bulgaria
Filmmaker is a boutique service company helping producers and directors from all over the world to achieve their production needs in Bulgaria. We are a team of experienced filmmakers who love their job, and believe we can do it well. For more information you can visit: http://www.film-maker.org
Jersey Filmmaker
Jersey City, New Jersey
Jersey Filmmaker is a content creation & production company founded and created by Anthony Seratelli from, as you may have guessed, New Jersey! It all started as a passion of Anthony's during his 10 year professional baseball career. While playing for multiple teams (Kansas City Royals, New…
Filmmaker Magazine
New York, New York
The magazine of independent film.
My name is Mike Lemovitz. I’m a photographer and filmmaker based in Worcester, Massachusetts. I specialize in making businesses more approachable by creating stunning, impactful short films, inspiring photographs, and knock-your-socks-off websites. With myself, and a small-and-mighty team of…
Since 1998 our mission has been to help fulfill the Great Commission by promoting, producing, uplifting, and motivating the production and distribution of Christian films and TV programs world wide.
Ryan Blaske // Filmmaker
Three Oaks, Michigan
Creativity has always been important to me. A passion for creating something beautiful, combined with naturally-occurring incredible moments led me to a fascination with videography and photography. I want to tell a story with my work that connects to people in a special way. A way that will be…
Shelia Jackson
Tampa, Florida
I am a filmmaker and the author of the trilogy called Domestic Tales: The Confession of a Whoremonger. I am seeking a production crew for my future feature film productions. I am looking to start production this year. I am looking at around June or July. I am also scouting for talent as well.
Sanjay Sharma
New Delhi, India
I am an Independent Filmmaker - Script Writer & Director from India, I am a Film making school drop out student, i have 2 years production experience in India, currently i am making music videos, i want to work as a Production Assistant or as an Assistant Director & want to learn the Film…
Runyon Barkelew Jr.
North Brunswick, New Jersey
I am a determined and hard working individual that who has an exceptional work ethic along with superb, time management, analytical, and film/video editing skills. I'm always keen to be successful, and willing to learn and excel as well in any work environment. Right now I am looking for a…
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