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Brian Meyer
Boston, Massachusetts
Freelance videographer/editor in the Boston area.
Eileen Clynes
Boston, Massachusetts
Freelance Photographer
john Smyth
Boston, Massachusetts
Freelance Production and Development Freelance Production and Development Freelance Production and Development Freelance Production and Development
William Gianetta
Boston, Massachusetts
I am a freelance producer and composer of custom music for advertising and film. I also work in audio editing and production for advertising, radio, and podcast.
Immediate Connections, Inc.
Boston, Massachusetts
Temporary staffing agency providing av and video technicians freelance or on long term contracts since 1986.
Lisa Smith Craig
New York, New York
Over ten years experience as a Fashion Stylist and Creative Director. Selected, collaborated and directed creative work teams from storyboard to the magazine editorial tear. Implemented systems and procedures resulting in increased productivity and effective time management. With extensive…
Jordan Tynes
Boston, Massachusetts
Recent MFA graduate, freelance videographer, instructor of media production, internet talk-radio host, advanced experience with Final Cut Studio and Adobe (Premiere, AfterEffects, Soundbooth, and Photoshop), experience in technical production of live theater, some background in CAD programs and…
Morgan LaForge
Boston, Massachusetts
Freelance camera operator / videographer and photographer. Extensive experience as a one person band with up to date gear (light, camera, audio) for interviews. Past experience was on everything from narrative (PA for union and Grip/AC non-union) to reality, commercial photoshoots, and live…
Paul Villanova
Boston, Massachusetts
I am an award-winning Multimedia Producer who just graduated Boston University with an MFA in Film Production.
Nick LaCouter
Boston, Massachusetts
Hard-working videographer/editor with experience in Master Control of a major sports network, as a studio tech, freelance videographer, production assistant, newspaper sports dept. writer/page producer, and logger. I have a wide variety of skills that relate to the production world, am a competent…
Pat Henderson
Boston, Massachusetts
Highly motivated, organized, multimedia expert with strong interpersonal skills and ability to work independently seeks opportunity to utilize video editing and production skills.
Alexander Pappas
Boston, Massachusetts
I'm an editor, who believes in having an understanding of all facets of the creative process. I don't really think you can fully grasp your own job until you've had first-hand experience with someone else's. So long story short, I'm an editor, who can write, direct, and Is also good with a camera.
Greg Lam
Boston, Massachusetts
A talented freelance screenwriter and video editor living in Boston, MA seeking to participate on film projects and opportunities.
John Wilson
Boston, Massachusetts
Freelance Film/video Crew. I have several years experience in film and TV production.
Cally Wolk
Boston, Massachusetts
I am a freelance videographer/editor as well as a web designer and photographer with more than 20 years experience in all phases of production. I've done studio production work, electronic news gathering, weddings, conferences, retreats, public service annoucements and most predominantly, videos…
Jeff Andrew
Boston, Massachusetts
Hi! My name is Jeff Andrew. I’m an ambitious filmmaker with a passion for storytelling. I specialize in commercial directing but am also am passionate about cinematography, Drones, and editing. I have experience in a variety of filmmaking environments from big budget commercials with large crews to…
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