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Kristopher Roug
Madison, Wisconsin
Freelancer in music and audio production. Looking to find talent to perform popular covers and create professional videos to be shown on YouTube.com. Check out my channel for examples
Tariq Almagri
Madison, Wisconsin
I am a film student that will graduate in may with a four year degree in film production from University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.
Colton Shilts-Washburn
Madison, Wisconsin
I graduated Madison Media Institute in February of 2011 with an associate of video degree for Video and Motion Graphics. I believe that you will find, and my pervious employers will verify, that I exhibit intelligence, common sense, initiative, maturity, and stability, and that I am eager to make…
Eclipse uses Emmy Award-winning commercial cameras and wireless audio equipment, the same high-end digital equipment used in film and television. Our precise single camera coverage, our combination of dockable and DV cameras, our use of film cameras, and our choreography of crane ensures inclusive…
Michael Curwood
Madison, Wisconsin
Michael is a commercial director and DP with an affinity for lifestyle spots and work that focuses on the human experience. His spots have aired nationally and regionally in the USA and he has been recognized for his efforts by the American Advertising Federation.
Heavy Visuals
Madison, Wisconsin
13 years of production experience in TV, features, docs, videos, spots, industrials -- guaranteed to blow your mind.
Dana O'Shea
Madison, Wisconsin
Experience: WKOW Channel 27 Photographer Shoot and edit video for local TV station, run live shots 08/2008-Present The Northwest Herald, Crystal Lake, Il Interactive Content Producer Shoot video and photos; editing and reporting; post videos, stories and photo’s…
Thomas Williams
Madison, Wisconsin
I am a determined, hardworking individual who constantly strives to develop and expand my skill set. Most recently employed by Ideal Shopping Direct I have had extensive live studio experience including hand held and Jimmy Jib operation, furthermore I have acquired skills in vision control, studio…
Ryan Curtin
Madison, Wisconsin
Passion for video production. A video editor at heart but enjoy working behind the camera. Owner of a Panasonic Lumix GH3 camera with a 12-35 mm lens. Adobe Creative Cloud subscriber. Creative mind. Hard worker. Dreamer.
Jordan Biagomala
Madison, Wisconsin
My name is Jordan Biagomala I’m a graduate of Madison Media Institute. I have an Associates degree in Entertainment Business and a Bachelors in Independent Digital Film. I’m a cinematographer, photographer, and editor. I’ve worked on short films, interviews, doing freelance video/photography, shot…
Kenneth A LaBarre
Madison, Wisconsin
Roll It! Take It! Media, LLC was founded in 1999 by video and film director Kenneth A. LaBarre. Kenneth LaBarre specializes in directing and producing live entertainment as well as sports television productions. LaBarre is a versatile freelancer that has extensive experience in a variety of…
Randal Brooks
Madison, Tennessee
With 30-plus years experience in the video/AV industry, Randal Brooks has the skills you need if you are looking for a video camera man, video technician, AV technician, or stage hand. He has worked in many environments, ranging from music videos, live production events, musical tours of major…
Michaela Chandler
Madison, Wisconsin
A videographer with 5 years of international experience, I enjoy filming, editing and putting together motion graphics to create meaningful, beautiful projects. I have a Master's degree in Media Science and Linguistics, speak English, German, French and Bulgarian and don't shy from working a lot to…
Aaron Granat
Madison, Wisconsin
I am an aspiring video producer, director of photography, and editor. I earned my undergraduate and masters degree in film studies/production at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. I have 4+ years of experience teaching production courses at the University level. I co-produced and shot a…
Brian Alberth
Madison, Wisconsin
LeftEffect Media, LLC is a company founded on the want and need to work with others that like to challenge themselves creatively. Brian is a collaborator first and foremost. He has experience shooting, producing, writing, and directing commercials, documentaries and TV shows. Brian is mainly…
Ryan Bohling
Madison, Mississippi
I am an Emmy award winning cinematographer with extensive experience running camera and crew. I own a Sony pmw-f3 package as well as a full steady rig and I am accustomed to travel and long term shooting schedules. I am an Aerial DP experienced with Tyler and Cineflex systems and, as of August…
Christina Seamonson Smith LLC
Madison, Wisconsin
I have been an editor for over 17 years, working on long and short format projects. I've worked with a variety of clients on a variety of projects from commercials to corporate videos to instructional and documentary. View my reel here: https://vimeo.com/72420794
Corey Dome
Madison, Wisconsin
My earliest memories always involved my mom filming my brother and me. From using couch cushions as trampolines to school plays. She filmed everything. As a personal project, I have been weeding through my family's old home movies, updating formats, and trying to make sense of hours and hours of…
Luke Kokinos
Madison, Wisconsin
I am a writer and director in Madison, Wisconsin. I attend Madison College. I write, produce and direct a monthly web series (Fall: A Series) and have a new half-feature in pre-production. My writing experience includes three full length novels, two of which were written in less than thirty days. I…
Grassland Media
Madison, Wisconsin
Established in 1978, Grassland Media, Incorporated offers complete video production services to business, independent producers and industrial clients, agencies, associations and government. Our services include scriptwriting, engineering consulting, production, direction and…
Emily Engel
Madison, Wisconsin
I'm a recent graduate from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film. I'm interested in all aspects of film and video production, including camera work, post-production, visual effects, and other crew positions. My experience ranges from working directly with…
Dan Poh
Madison, Wisconsin
I am a professional freelance video shooter, editor, and motion graphics designer with over 20 years experience in broadcast, commercial, corporate, and live event video. I have created videos for small business and large international corporations. I am an expert with numerous post production…
Daniel Klopp
Madison, Wisconsin
I am an experienced documentary style cameraman available for feature film and television series productions. I provide film, video, & photography services for web-based media, television, feature films, corporate clients, non-profit organizations, and academic institutions. Past local and…
DP/Cameraman since 1988 for corporate and broadcast network production. Steadicam op. since 1992. Still photographer since 1974. All digital stills since 2003.
Jenny Stolte Dewes
Madison, Wisconsin
Experienced Director of Photography, Operator and 1st or 2nd Assistant Camera for 35mm, 16mm and HD including Red One, Epic & Dragon. Recent graduate of Columbia College Chicago. Panasonic HVX200 owner & operator. Gear also includes 2 Panasonic DVX100s, a variety of lights and grip equipment,…
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