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Joy McKemy
Hickory, North Carolina
Graduating in Maya of 2012 with a BA in New Media. For my portfolio work, please visit my website. Portfolio: www.WuzzlyWuzz.com References: Given upon request
Christopher Powell
Newport, North Carolina
I am a 3D character animator. Recent college graduate.
David Talley
Clayton, North Carolina
I have degrees in 3D animation and Graphic Design. I have a background in 3D animation, graphic design, storyboarding, character design, character model sheets. The programs that I mostly use are maya, photoshop and aftereffects. I am currently learning mudbox. I am currently doing 3D models for a…
Brian East
Reidsville, North Carolina
Over 5 years experience in broadcast television in both large and small markets Active in video, sound, and posting of church events Advanced editing skills in Adobe Premier and Sony Vegas 3D Modeling and animation skill in Autodesk Maya After Effects skills Use of Tricaster production
Dieter Wagner
Charlotte, North Carolina
I'm been working professionally as an character animator since 2006. Most of my experience is cg animation using Maya, Max, Softimage, and Messiah. I also have experience with stop motion and hybrid 2D animation using AE and Anime Studio Pro.
Cameron Lazecko
Charlotte, North Carolina
Adobe Suites CC, Final Cut Pro, Maya, Cinema 4D, DVD Studio Pro, Mac Software, Microsoft Office, Photoshop, After Effects, Lightroom, Illustrator, InDesign, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power Point. 2D/3D modeling, texturing, lighting, compositing and animating Hand…
Paula Hindman
Hillsborough, North Carolina
Instructor for Piedmont Community College, Digital Effects & Animation Program. Work with After Effects, Adobe Creative Suite, Autodesk Maya
Provis Media Group
Wilmington, North Carolina
What We Do We are a full-service interactive agency offering services in rich media web development, rich internet application development, cd + dvd + kiosk production, 3d animation + visual fx, hd video production, identity + design services, high availability hosting, and web marketing.
Jacob Corum
Raleigh, North Carolina
I'm a Motion Designer/Animator who loves making things move. I currently live in Raleigh, North Carolina but I'm eager to see new places. My talents include character animation both 3D and 2D, illustration, and motion graphics. I excel in After Effects and I am an experienced user of the rest of…
Michelle Godwin
Raleigh, North Carolina
Education & Skills: • Graduate of the University of North Carolina Wilmington • BA in Film Studies, Minor in Information Technology • Concentration in 2D and 3D Design, Animation and Traditional Art • Experience with post-production video editing and animation • Created sequences for short,…
Lance Kelly
Raleigh, North Carolina
I have 10 years of work experience in 3D Industry with four year degree in 3D art and animation. I have a wide variety of background creating both stylized and realistic style art and animation. I am capable of the entire 3d creation process and excel at most it, although modeling and animation…
Brian Pisani
Wilmington, North Carolina
PROFESIONAL: I graduated from the University of North Carolina Wilmington with a filmstudies degree, and a concentration in animation. I have interned with Digieffects and Legion Productions. The internship with Legion Productions turned into a paid freelance graphic design position for Operation…
C. Michael Neely
Conover, North Carolina
3D Artists / Animator with feature vfx experience in previs, and post production, and on set. Digital media developer working with emerging technologies such as Augmented Reality and multi-touch surface and software development.
Christopher Pullen
Salisbury, North Carolina
I am a recent graduate with my 3d animation certificate. I have learned every aspect of 3d animation from modeling and texturing, to lighting and rigging. I also have experience doing visual effects on a feature film so I can work with After Effects and do roto work as well.
Brian Price
Raleigh, North Carolina
With experience in almost every aspect of the visual design field and a specialty in motion graphics, there is no concept I can’t bring to life. Whether I’m designing a user interface or an info graphic, my primary goal is to ensure that I deliver the message in a way that is pragmatic, engaging,…
Michael Gargiulo
Asheville, North Carolina
I am currently available as a freelance animator. I have just updated my reel and I'd love for you to take a look at it. For the past several years I've been an animation professor at the Savannah College of Art and Design but I'm very excited to be returning to the “real world” of animation…
Holton Thompson
Hampstead, North Carolina
3D and Graphic artist with a varied and extensive background. I have experience in Simulation development and design, video editing and design meant for both large and small form print. I also have a strong background in training and public relations from my time working at the virtual reality lab…
Thomas Hopfer
Raleigh, North Carolina
I am currently a student at wake technical community college for game and simulation design. after finishing my associate degree next semester, I will be going to NC state to get my bachelors in Film Studies.
Raleigh, North Carolina
RYAN creates Motion Graphics and Visualizations using 3D-2D Media to explain concepts and messages to communicate products or services. We focus on the the strategic, complete picture and consider of the tiniest details of design to be critical in messaging. We collaborate with SME subject matter…
John Lemmon Films
Charlotte, North Carolina
No description
William Pope
Greensboro, North Carolina
I am a recent graduate from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. I majored in Media Studies, putting my concentration on film/video production. I am very familiar with several editing programs such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, and Sony Vegas. In addition, I can use many Adobe…
Jarel Kingsberry
Greensboro, North Carolina
I am a 3D Animator and Generalist who graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design.
Lisa Buch
Holly Springs, North Carolina
Tom Honeycutt
Pittsboro, North Carolina
• Experience working with video shooting and editing • Skilled with portraiture, cartooning, and caricature • Able to work equally well with hand-drawn and computer art • Experience acting in theater and on film • Experience working with Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, Flash, Soundtrack Pro and MS…
drive 80 studios
Raleigh, North Carolina
Drive 80 is an animation studio based in Raleigh, NC. We tell your story in 60-seconds or less. We also work with Marketing Agencies to take your graphics and bring them to life.
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