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House of Props
Hollywood, California
Since 1948 House of Props has worked with set decorators and motion picture industry professionals worldwide. House of Props, Inc. has art deco Demetre Chiparus sculptures, knights in shining armor, breathtaking and extravagant sterling, crystal, ornate porcelain, and regal signed bronzes to…
Moe Noorzai
Canoga Park, California
As our war fighters engage in diverse operations that range from peacekeeping to disaster relief in diverse locations around the world, the quality of the relationships that our war fighters build with people, both in and out of uniform, is critical to their mission success. Warfighter’s need to be…
Advanced Interior Designs
North Hollywood, California
No description
Prop Movie Money
Miami, Florida
Prop Movie Money is the most used prop money company in the USA that designs the best cinematic money props for Film, TV, Commercials, Music Videos, Broadway, Advertising and Photography for all the Hollywood Studios and Independent production companies worldwide. Our realistic cinematic prop…
North Hollywood, California
Animatronic Creatures & Characters, Makeup Effects, Hero Props & Statues
Jennifer aka FRANKIE DeFrank
Hollywood, Florida
I'm an I.A.T.S.E. Local 477 Studio Mechanics Props Weapons Specialist/Set Decorator/Set Dresser in good standing (Honorable Withdrawal 2015 due to trauma), freelance Art Director, NRA certified Firearms Instructor and Chief Range Safety Officer with licensed security operations control-EMT-B…
RC Vintage
Hollywood, California
Vintage to contemporary prop house
Tic-Tock Designs
Hollywood, California
Welcome to the magical world of Tic-Tock floral designs, gift basket creations, and gifts. Our staff of professionals is pleased to offer you our collective experience of over 100 years in award-winning success. We know that ambience is paramount for the success of your event, wedding, set design,…
Hollywood Toys & Costume
Hollywood, California
We are amongst the United States largest suppliers of costumes and accessories, and provide the Motion Picture Industry, productions companies, and theater groups with the exact same products you can order on our website.
Scenery West
North Hollywood, California
Since Scenery West was founded in 1982, it has earned a reputation among a number of entertainment fields for providing the highest quality product possible. The company began building sets and props for television and film and gradually crossed over into the design and construction of specialized…
Erin Truesdell
Los Angeles, California
My name is Erin Truesdell, and I'm a costume maker and designer. I also do special builds fabrication and sometimes art department. While I'd be a valuable asset to any sort of production, my strongest skill is working with fantasy, sci-fi and horror aesthetics. My skill set is quite wide, and I…
Harvey Mayo
North Hollywood, California
Our company is committed to providing you with the most highly crafted one-of-a-kind models, props, miniatures, and working prototypes for film and TV, industrial design, inventors, toy concepts and collectors. We also build architectural models for concept presentation and display. We approach…
Prop Specs
North Hollywood, California
I have been in the Optical and Entertainment industry for over 30 years and have worked on some of the most record breaking film projects. My extensive knowledge and experience has helped me become an expert in my field and conquer any unique, creative and time sensitive project. My specialties…
Estephan Quass
North Hollywood, California
I create all kinds of Sets, Trade shows, Displays, Props ,Furnitures, Games and Graphics. Four years of experience in television. Check out my online portfolio: www.quassdesign.carbonmade.com
Rick Jefferson
Hollywood, California
I work electrics, grip, props, audio, set design, and gaffer.I've been at IASTE Locals #1&4 for 15 years and KTLA Ch. 5 for 13.I live in Hollywood, 90028.I'm a hard worker, been working all of my life.I'm very dependable and always prompt.
Jules Custom Artwork
North Hollywood, California
We create custom artwork for props and set dressing. Many kinds of artwork from portraits to maps to sketching. Many kinds of prop fabrication from "stuffies" {animal stand-ins} to sewing projects to paper plate flying saucers.
Grosh Scenic Rentals
Hollywood, California
Grosh Scenic Studios was founded in the mid 1930's by the Grosh family to produce backdrops and scenery for the Hollywood movie industry. Over the years, the company's operation branched out to incorporate the production of individual scenic elements for theme parks and hardware for live theatre…
Aardvark Mascots & Costumes
North Hollywood, California
Custom made Mascot Costumes and Characters for branding, public relations, promotions View our gallery of photos. Email us for a quote on your character
Art Assist
North Hollywood, California
Art Assist has provided fabrication services to many artists and galleries for the past several years. Our products range in size and are fabricated using a variety of materials. Images of these products may be viewed on our website in the linked photo albums. Please look through them and if you…
Giovanni Javier
North Hollywood, California
Painter,sculptor with over 15 years of expereince in model mold making.Making prototype in whatever materials necessary to acheive effect.Carving, plaster model,resin finish, rubber molds,wood,jigs etc. Old world technique.Did church restoration in Chicago and murals for Archdiasis in…
Innerspace Cases
North Hollywood, California
Custom ATA Cases, Camera Cases, Lens Cases, Magazine Cases, Remote Editing Bays, Monitor Cases, Film Reel Cases, Film Reels, Film Platters, Pelican Cases, Storm Cases, Seahorse Cases, Grip Gear, Road Cases, Make Up Cases, Costume Cases, Wardrobe Cases, Road Cases, ATA cases, Flight Cases, Attache…
Glenda Suggs
North Hollywood, California
Currently working as PA and background actor. Looking for additional opportunity to work on set as PA, AD or in the art department. I want as much experience as I can glean to become a future producer.
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