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Daniel Solano
Los Angeles, California
Hello, My name is Daniel Solano, I'm 23 years old, and I have a B.A. in Film and Digital Production. I have plenty of experience in everything ranging from student shorts, to low budget independent shorts, to small feature films, and live events. I've been working in the industry part time…
Warren Mcelroy
Los Angeles, California
As a 1st AC and Head of Department the two most important things for a successful shoot are Preparation and Communication between Production, the DP, my Camera Team, and myself. Because I am able to do those 2 things effectively, I am able to focus on what you want me to do, pull focus. I have…
Alex Tetzner
Los Angeles, California
Hello! I am a Cinematographer and camera enthusiast local to Los Angles who specializes in Commercials, Narratives, and Cooperate Video. I also regularly Camera Assist and Cam Op feature films and reality TV. I have a passion for visual storytelling, whether that's crafting a brand, sharing an…
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