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Digital Realism Studios
Sports City, Jordan
Digital Realism Studios is a high-end motion picture and visual effects studio based in Jordan specialized in producing high-end content for Film and TV.
Keenan Schulz
Dallas, Texas
I am a graduate of Tom Savini Special Effects & Makeup School 2011. I am very thorough in detail. Hard working and driven. Specialty in latex, silicone, realism and out of kit makeup. Also able to work set design and build props. I currently make masks from latex and silicone under Morto Fx. You…
Magic House Productions
Glendale, California
Magic House is a fun, imaginative, and whimsical full-service production company. Film making is as close as we'll ever get to making real magic, and we take that idea to heart. Our previous clients include Oral-B, Spotify, Kellogg's, Marvel, Red Vines, Hasbro, Popsicle, and many more. We…
Rachel Bonnette
Chicago, Illinois
Life takes us in directions we wouldn't expect. I graduated in Film and Animation from the Rochester Institute of Technology and worked on several contract jobs, but the one thing that always bothered me as an artist was my lack of real-world experience and the kind of inner voice that gives rise…
Medical Film Consulting
Honolulu, Hawaii
Bringing believable on-set realism and accuracy to medicine, surgery, trauma, and medical ethics for theater, film, and television scripts and productions. Casting clearinghouse for physicians, nurses, and paramedical personnel experienced in on-set portrayal of specific or critical medical…
Brittney Leeanne Williams
Chicago, Illinois
Brittney Leeanne Williams
Michael Minieri
Orlando, Florida
Technical Advisor and recognized subject matter expert for all areas of security and fire protection. Includes - but is not limited to - matters relating to security guards, alarms and all other security systems, security equipment, weapons and contraband detection and screening equipment (metal…
Molly Beck
New York, New York
Professional artist with a BA from Pratt Institute. Six years experience in large scale Fine Art painting, Studio Management, Project management, Metal Fabrication, Machining, Woodworking, Props, and Production Assistance. I'm fully trained to work with power tools, industrial equipment/materials,…
Charles Valsechi
Berlin, Germany
I’m a storyboard artist and illustrator and—on top of my obsession with drawing—I’m an oil-painting, story-loving, sci-fi solar punk nerd, bookworm from the beaches of Florida. In my work I love seeking out the perfect angle and shot for a vivid emotional impact. Trying to push each aspect of a…
Oleg Yakupov
Riga, Latvia
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AiDream LLC
Los Angeles, California
In AiDream We are developing enhanced tools, Programs and pipeline. They are creating new way to expand storytelling by breaking down the artistic and technical limits. This is a huge innovation for the entire AR/VR space! There are many use-cases, including AR/VR in tv/film production and a lot…
Joseph Oberle
New York, New York
Visual Effects Artist 14+ Years of Experience with Node Based/ Layer Based Compositing For Feature Films and Television. Digital Compositing. 2.5, Projections, 3D Space. Strong Understanding of Color, Light, Composition, Animation, Realism. Expertise Of Live Action Comping, Green/Blue Screen…
Salon BeLor
Bourne, Massachusetts
Master Stylist and Makeup Artist at your services. Abstract or a little bit of realism. Films, photographs, theater, weddings,and special events can all be captured with our superior Creative Team on Cape Cod!
William Graydon
Miami, Florida
I am a motion picture director, writer, and cinematographer. The digital film medium embodies subjective realism that manifests moments in time. The best filmmakers capture these moments, transforming them into timeless art.
Donna Sexton
North Hollywood, California
Allow me to Introduce myself, my name is Donna Sexton, and I am a SPFX, and Beauty Make Up Artist. I have worked in Film, T.V. Commercials, Video Games, Print, I have even Won Awards For my SPFX work with The Military Branches.
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Fish Films Footage World
Studio City, California
A company that has continued to provide quality Stock Footage services for broadcast, multimedia, advertising, feature films and the Internet for over fifteen years. Our Footage World library happens to live up to our impressive Footage World slogan...featuring everything from the earliest…
Design, installation and Proof of Performance on AM radio facilities up to 200 kilowatts including allocation studies. Design and installation of TV facilities up to 5 megawatts ERP including allocation studies.
Gilmer & Associates, Inc.
Atlanta, Georgia
Technology/Management Consultants.
Keystone International Inc.
Pittston, Pennsylvania
Keystone Int'l finds employment for engineers and technicians.
Film & Video Stock Shots, Inc.
North Hollywood, California
Film & Video Stockshots is the premiere stock footage library, and add to our material on a daily basis. Our aim is to provide clients with the highest quality footage available. In addition to broadcast quality videotape original shots, we have excellent, HD, HD-24p, 16mm and 35mm film sources to…
The mission of American Humane, as a network of individuals and organizations, is to prevent cruelty, abuse, neglect, and exploitation of children and animals and to assure that their interests and well-being are fully, effectively, and humanely guaranteed by an aware and caring…
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