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Devin Tipton
Winter Park, Florida
Orlando based Video Editor
Steven White
Winter Park, Florida
General 3d Artist Skill set 3D Modeling - Organic and Non Organic Texturing Rigging and Weighting 3D Sculpting Animation VFX Creation Basic Compositing Lighting and Rendering
Joshua Raymond
Winter Park, Florida
Hard working, fast learning, driven freelance Grip and Electric for features and shorts.
Chris Valen
Winter Park, Florida
New to the industry, currently going to school at FullSail University. Yes, I am listed under a different Name while going to school because I plan on Changing my Name before I hit the Film Market
Israel Cano
Winter Park, Florida
My name is Israel Cano. I'm a Certified Audio Engineer and am a (2008) graduate of the Audio Recording Technology Institute here in Orlando. I have five plus years of Audio Visual experience. Installing audio,video and lighting equipment for corporate events and concerts. I am also a freelance…
qin alvey
Winter Park, Florida
My passion for creating art stems from childhood. Throughout my life, video games were and still are one of my largests sources of inspiration. I chose to go to college to gain a better understanding of the process and tools it takes to begin a career in the game industry. The multiple dimensions…
Kyle Havrilesko
Winter Park, Florida
I was raised in Orlando, Fl. and joined the Marine Corps right out of high school at age 17. I was always an artistic person , but was set out to be an architect. After serving in the Marine Corps Engineering program, I turned to Full Sail for a medium I would enjoy and benefit from. I am a…
Kenneth DIetrich
Winter Park, Florida
As a graduate of Full Sail University specializing in Visual Effects, I am out searching for that company who would be willing to embrace themselves with my knowledge that I have to offer. Born to be a visual effect artist, my life is all about the knowledge of fire, water, explosions, smoke,…
Richard Sanchez
Winter Park, Florida
3D Artist and Animator in 2010 I enrolled in Full Sail University where I received my BA of Science degree on June 1st, 2012. Now I’m just one step away from my dream becoming a reality. College: Full Sail University Major: Video Game Art Degree: BA of Science
Peter Zengel
Winter Park, Florida
I am an Eagle Scout graduating from Full Sail early months of 2013 looking for work in Pre-production all the way till the end. Including Grip work(dolly,rigging) 1st AD Positions, Truthfully anything.
Daniel Joey Carr
Winter Park, Florida
With a Bachelor's Degree in Film, and nearly 5 years working in this industry, it's easy to see that film/television production is my passion. From writing and Directing, to operating camera or rigging lights, my life revolves around being on as many productions as I possibly can.
Dan Harker
Winter Park, Florida
I am a graduate of Full Sail University. My primary focus is on editing. I have edited three short films, using Avid and Final Cut. I have also interned at digital media production houses serving as an editor's assistant as well as editor. However, I am able to do many tasks on set as well. I have…
Ken Spirduso
Winter Park, Florida
Concept Artist: creating theme park and resort concepts and theme park murals. (Walt Disney Imagineering) Character, environment, prop concepts, in-game illustrations, storyboards for video games. (n-Space: Call of Duty DS, Star Wars Battlefront DS, James Bond Bloodstone DS) Layout designer,…
Elisabeth Hale
Winter Park, Florida
PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS Member of IATSE Local 764 NBC / Universal Entertainment / Black Onyx Event Services / Feld Ent / Vee Corp Costume Specialist / Wardrobe Asst. / Stagehand 2007 - Present - Assisting in fittings for performers, observing shows for costume appearance, & relaying…
Secret Machine, Inc.
Apopka, Florida
Secret Machine is working and thinking fourth dimensionally to design, develop and create animated, virtual and augmented applications and content that is innovative, fresh, usable and relevant. Through immersive and engaging interactions, we bring products to life through mixed reality…
Gina Vincenza Van Epps
Orlando, Florida
Gina Vincenza’s (aka Psycho Seamstress) work has been featured on Broadway, Concert Tours and is on display in museums including Janis Joplin’s Cape and 2 Bigfoot creatures that recently made national news. Her Design House is located on an Orlando soundstage where she manages fashion, costume,…
Erik Werlin
Los Angeles, California
I'm a Los Angeles based artist with a focus on compositing for both 3D and live action media. I have experience working on Feature Films, TV shows and Commercials. Working in this field has allowed me to pursue my passion for creating anything my mind can imagine without limitations. I have come to…
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