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Leroy Barela
Montrose, Colorado
Department Manager for City Market, Worked as Usfull Public Service Coordinator, Sales Rep. for Coors,Budweiser and Miller, Law Enforcement Officer, and Business Owner.
Eric Wayne Savage
Colorado Springs, Colorado
I am a 30+ year professional in all phases of audio, video, graphics and multimedia production. I have experience in script writing, story boarding, pre-production, camera operation, non-linear video editing, field and studio production, military protocol, military public affairs, news writing,…
Scott Scarborough
USAFA, Colorado
Audio-Video Events, Live Sound & Lightning Engineer.
Doug DuKane
Denver, Colorado
Doug DuKane: Denver/ Nashville /Orlando based Photographer: Doug DuKane has been creatively over extending himself since 8th grade with his camera. He tends to want to hang out of helicopters, float in the water, burn up in the sun, freeze in the snow, and spend hours in the studio......all for…
Tipping Point Media
Denver, Colorado
Tipping Point Solutions is a full-service e-learning company specializing in the customized design, production and delivery of interactive e-learning products. We specialize in providing customers the option, where desired, to quickly and cost-effectively repurpose their existing learning material,…
It Can Be Pictures...
Boulder, Colorado
Out strength is in telling story of a business from the perspective of NOT ONLY what the business offers, but rather we dig deeper and discover the stories of PASSIONS and VALUES the organization stands for. These stories are usually the storeis of people behing the business or stories of people…
Greg Eakins
Arvada, Colorado
I have more than 8 years of production experience including three years experience as a media manager/data wrangler at NBCU/Bluprint as a staff media manager and assistant editor. Previously I spent five years as a PA, assisting camera and grip departments as well as a runner. Media…
Aspen Productions
Aspen, Colorado
Aspen Production Services is a production company with over 25 years of experience blending urban production work ethic with mountain production know-how, resulting in a combination that fills every possible job need. We're known for our resourceful contacts, problem-solving skills and scrupulous…
WestWorks Studios
Denver, Colorado
HOW CAN WE SIMPLIFY YOUR NEXT VIDEO PRODUCTION? Our unique blend of capabilities at WestWorks Studios allows us to do more and simplify your production needs. Ample studio space, a robust control room, and connected editing suites provide an efficient video production workflow to create your…
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