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Michael Krupski
Omaha, Nebraska
I currently work as a commercial producer/editor for Cox Communications in Omaha as well as freelance work as a camera op for live sports events. In the past I have worked in news production as well as making videos for online classes for a college.
Bob Ursdevenicz
Omaha, Nebraska
National Sound/ProSound Repair/nse sound@inetnebr.com /
AUS Inc.
Omaha, Nebraska
Driving involves horses, buggies, coaches, etc. He also has vintage cars and tractors.
Joe Langfeldt
Omaha, Nebraska
Ever since I've laid my hands on a video camera, I've been hooked. I went to school for film and since graduating, I've taken any job I can to get closer to making my own movie. To give you proof of my love for the medium, I wake up at 2:30 am every week day to edit, run camera, and audio for local…
Tendenza Food Stylists
Omaha, Nebraska
Food styling and photography for the Midwest area What happens when we take amazing food and add excellent photography? We create money-generating business for our clients. We specialize in working with restaurants and food related industries. We help sell our clients products with excellent…
Douglas Productions
Omaha, Nebraska
Worked on syndicated shows/segments for HBO, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and Lifetime. THe company also handles truck and equipment rental.
Ian Harrison
Omaha, Texas
I am a video editor/cameraman with many years of experience. I have extensive experience in the fields of video editing and camera work within collegiate sports. I am adept with DVC Pro, DVC Pro 50 an P2 cameras as well as AVID non-linear digital video editing and XOS digital video editing.
Sure Foundation Productions
Omaha, Nebraska
Sure Foundation Productions, not limited to, but specializes in high end equestrian events. Personal credits include Field Producer - Grizzly Adams Productions, "Encounters with the Unexplained" (PAX-TV); Image West, Production Manager; "NewSight" Supervising Producer (CBN Family Channel); WFND-TV…
Regan Strukoff
Omaha, Nebraska
An experienced audio/visual production and sales manager with a track record of providing clients with quality results and innovative solutions. Full-time Work Experience Assistant Director Swank Audio Visuals - Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa San Diego, CA 7/2010 to…
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