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Thomas Davis
Houston, Texas
25+ years reptile handling exp large selection of rare exotic reptiles available.
Lisset Kanak
Austin, Texas
I'm just promoting my new product www.stilesaustin.com. You may find it useful for some set decorations. I have a couple of horses that would be excellent props for the business, located in Smithville, TX. I wanted you to know that we are also currently producing our 3rd Annual rodeo in Bastrop,…
For over thirty years we have supplied animals for movies, t.v., commercials, and music videos. Westerns are our specialty, we have farm animals, and we have a large number of rolling stock (stagecoaches, wagons, buggies, etc,) longhorns, horses and mules....We have Props, Weapons, and…
John Thomas
Austin, Texas
Skills include a thorough understanding of the production process from pre-production to post. Experience with producing/directing large groups of both talent and crew to achieve excellent results within limited timeframes. Experience with advanced modeling and animation within 3ds Studio Max and…
Luke Bedillion
Austin, Texas
Video editing to me is second nature. If you have a pile of footage you would like edited together in a cohesive way, then I'm your guy. My most current reel and resume can be found at www.bedillionaireproductions.com. Thanks!
BK Ridge
La Grange, Texas
Ranching services which includes providing wild and domestic animals for TV, Movies, Commercials and Print. Tame animals include buffalo, emu, Texas Longhorn cow, and Beefmaster cattle (cows, bulls and calves). We also provide antique props from our 100+ year working cattle ranch in Texas.
Charlie B Honea-Malone
Dallas, Texas
Old English Sheepdog. Very smart Counts to 8 Says "Banana" Enjoys having his picture taken Knows the following on command: Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Crawl, High Five, Drop it, Head Cock, Ramp Up/Down, Roll Over & Spin (both directions), Paws Up, Off, Speak, Jumps through a hoop, can back up to…
Rebecca Centeno
San Antonio, Texas
Rebecca Centeno is a Mexican-American award-winning documentary filmmaker and video journalist with act.tv. She is the co-founder of the Reels for Radicals, a screening series by Deep Dish TV and the Paper Tiger TV collective, which highlights the work of political films and creates space for…
I am an expert snake handler and reptile expert. I can provide specimens, travel for wrangling, set safety and consult for accuracy regarding amphibians and reptiles. I have over 25 years of experience. I am the former head of The Reptile Department at The Central Florida Zoo. I have many hours of…
Traci Murdock, CPDT-KA
Dallas, Texas
Hit the Mark Animal Talent provides casting, scouting, and handling services and sources all species of animal talent for the Texas market and across the US. As an Animal Talent Agent, I respond and fill casting requests quickly, and can provide experienced and vetted candidates from an extensive…
Chadwick and Spector
Houston, Texas
Body painter with extensive experience. I use Kryolan make up and can paint on bodies, rubber and plaster casts. I can recreate patterns, solid colors, logos, minute details, portraiture - anything you can imagine, I can paint on a man or a woman. I have an extensive knowledge of art history…
mARFa Dog Training
Marfa, Texas
Movies, Commercials and Photography Pre-Production and On-the-Set We wrangle those doggies! Production companies, please call to request a search for local animal talent, project training and handling.
John Robinette
Plano, Texas
Dynamic, creative, entrepreneurial professional with the ability to envision the genesis of an innovative idea and manage conceptual projects successfully. Resourceful and creative in producing motivating works with limited resources. Known for the ability to troubleshoot challenging projects and…
Patrick Wylie
Kyle, Texas
Since beginning my studies at The University of Texas at Austin I focused primarily in the field of pro audio produciton and post production. I have gained a considerable amount of experience through student films, shorts, and feature length films. I have served as a dialogue editor, foley editor,…
Houston, Texas
Dakine Films is a boutique studio dedicated to telling your story. From engagements and weddings to corporate events, our talented team is dedicated to capturing the special moments in your life. Mark pursues cinematic excellence through the eye of a camera, shooting for clients all over the…
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