Davinci resolve colorist, nuke compositing, editing, post production, videographer, english/spanish/italian - i am a film and video post production technician specializing in color grading with davinci resolve for documentaries, films, music videos, narratives, tv programs, commercials and other…
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I am a video editor and colorist with several years of experience. I worked in the most important production companies in the country, carrying out ambitious and highly complex projects. After years of being a partner of a video production company decided to open Pancha, a studio of Color grading…
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Color & Finishing Solutions for Motion Pictures, TV, Commercials, Docs. Color grading. e: jim@jimwicks.com. p: (561) 721-5187
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Nicola Raggi cinematography - www.nicolaraggi.net US PERMANENT RESIDENT - GREEN CARD OWNER Motivated, high potential Cinematographer with unique artistic sensibilities, visionary editor and expert colorist with 7 years of experience in all aspects of motion pictures film and video industry able…
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Toronto Cinematographer & Colourist who focuses on Narrative, Commercial, Music Videos, and Corporate production. I am always looking to collaborate with new teams.
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Digital Post Ink is a full service post production facility located in Central Arkansas. We specialize in editorial, color grading, and finishing. We provide beginning to end creative post production services for TV/Web campaigns long/short-form documentaries, narratives, music videos, and…
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Top 5: God, family, design, art, work. I get a sense of reward for design work and for that I strive to push myself to be more creative. To create unique animations, designs, composits, photographs, edits, stories, marketing techniques, web development, etc. I hold my family dear and for that I…
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I'm a video content producer based out of Northern Colorado. I produce, shoot, and edit everything from commercials, music video's, web content, events, ceremonies, business and personal promotional media.
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Dimensions Media is the place where left-brains and right-brains collide. We don't just create logos, build websites, or film videos. We conceptualize. We take your ideas, good or bad, and mold them into the best, creative solutions for your company.
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Lin is basically a 1-man post/production machine. For the last 12 years, he as handled nearly all aspects of post production. He enjoys working with clients and directors during the early stages of editorial, forming the story before any shooting is done. Not only has he worked as a vfx supervisor…
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I am both a steadicam operator and colorist based in New York. I have worked on many student and non-union professional productions.
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Miami based european cinematographer for commercials, features, music videos, documentaries. Extensive Red, 35mm, Super 16mm, HD Experience. Red Scarlet Owner and Assimilate Scratch Certification As a cinematographer I love designing moods using light, dark and colors. I like very much…
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Hi, I am Khairul. I am a person who enjoys creative works. Creative works are my passion. That's why I choose Video Editing, Color Correction, and Animation as my Career to meet my goals. I have been working for last seven years in these fields successfully for my local clients. I have…
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