Top-level media/television producer/director/DP with 35+ years experience. Network television credits include CBS, ABC, NBC, HBO, Access Hollywood, Inside Edition, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Media production clients also include national/global pharmaceuticals, telecommunications,…
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A true business-creative and an OCD logistician, Steven helps bring cinematic style and storytelling to both scripted and unscripted features, television shows, and commercials. Never afraid of getting his hands dirty, Steven enjoys being on the ground in the heat of the action. Whether it be…
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Jillian Hall is the Baton Rouge Programs Manager at the New Orleans Video Access Center (NOVAC). She is also a documentary filmmaker and youth media educator with a passion for socially-conscious storytelling. Jillian's past productions include the award-winning experimental documentary Yakona…
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As a Producer experienced in multiple areas of corporate video and broadcast production, contact me for various pre-production services and location/shoot assistance. Whether you need a Field Producer, Line Producer, or Production Manager, I can function in a variety of roles. I enjoy being part…
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What I can bring to the table as a Producer/Production Manager is among many things hard work and tireless dedication. My approach is to be hands on through the thick of Pre, Production, and Post to ensure the vision of the director is not only met, but exceeded in every way possible. I have worked…
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I am a bookkeeper who has worked as a PM as well. I create budgets, hire crews, handle travel arrangements, hire post, pay freelancers, work with payroll companies, prepare 1099s etc. Work with Quickbooks.
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FEATURE FILM/ COMMERCIAL PRODUCER / DIRECTOR Principled, passionate, purposeful and industrious; an inspiring leader and creative collaborator with specific expertise producing and directing feature documentary and narrative films and commercials. Highly motivated and able to tackle lofty goals…
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Video and photo producer for commercial broadcast, web, b2c and b2b content. I've been an agency producer, a corporate in-house producer, and freelance producer for commercials, documentary's, short narrative films, brand and product stories. My start in advertising was in strategic and creative…
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Sports production, live television and live to tape productions. Special events and multi-day productions. Production Assistant, Production Manager, Production Coordinator, Stage Manager, Booth Coordinator, Line Producer, Field Producer, Talent Coordinator. On-site remote events. Will travel.
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Hard working and productive Production Manager / Coordinator, experienced in both scripted, reality and commercial work. Located in New York City but able to travel. Licensed driver (yes, I can also drive cube trucks if needed).
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Video Producer with a strong events background. Screenwriter who loves TV, food and strong female characters. Logistics master who sees the big picture, keeps everyone on track and can listen for what clients want even if they don't. Demo reel password: JessRogers2017
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I offer a full range of video services: whether your needs fall under the umbrella of a full commercial video production, event videography or simply post production services such as editing, 2D motion graphics, or color grading, I will work with you to make your project a reality.
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A world traveller who likes to make things happen. Peter has embarked on a number of international productions and holds an excellent understanding of the multidisciplinary nature of the film and tv business. An experienced Segment Producer and Local Fixer for TV and Documentaries, with a…
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Born and raised in LA! I have worked full-time at a creative agency as an Associate Producer and freelanced as a Production Coordinator, Production Manager and Co-Producer. I have also worked in post production. I have helped produce many different types of content, including commercials,…
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Rochester, NY based Location Scout, Location Manager, Production Manager, Props and Wardrobe Assistant and Headshot Photographer. I have over 30,000 location photos on file. No job is too big or too small.
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